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  1. Hypris
    Hypris Kendyy
    Happy birthday!
  2. mocharaven
    mocharaven Kendyy
    Happy Birthday!
  3. Hypris
    Hypris Kendyy
    Happy birthday!!!
  4. Harvey
    Harvey Jordan
    phat bitch
  5. mocharaven
    Is the server still going?
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    2. superliasse
      Jul 18, 2022
  6. Hypris
    Hypris npeters96
    Shew weh do weh do
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    2. npeters96
      eh shoo weh do weh do
      Mar 20, 2022
  7. Hypris
    Hypris Kendyy
    Old man
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    2. npeters96
      prehistoric boomer
      Mar 20, 2022
  8. Hypris
    Is this thing still on?
  9. lobsterc97
    Two year anniversary on forums POGU
  10. superliasse
    superliasse grizzly56
    Welcome back!
  11. superliasse
    superliasse ewald22
    Happy Birthday!
  12. Hypris
    Hypris Aj ツ
    Happy Bday
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  13. Aj ツ
    Aj ツ
    Now I miss MCI again :(
    1. Rasta_Brett
      the most people i've seen online is me and some other person but never enough to start a game. maybe we could try to schedule times in the discord for people to jump on?
      Oct 29, 2021
    2. Aj ツ
      Aj ツ
      Im too busy with exams and classes to even get on for long. Whenever I get on discord and stuff now I just want to relax and talk
      Nov 1, 2021
  14. Kevin
    happy birthday
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    2. Aj ツ
      Aj ツ
      Oct 8, 2021
  15. rudyroker3
    fucked a hot bitch today. not my first time. I'm a sigma male. haters gonna hate! XD
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    2. Aj ツ
      Aj ツ
      judging by your profile picture I assume it was an underaged girl
      Sep 29, 2021
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  16. TeamPurple
    this just looking like a ff go next situation
  17. Keldricc
    we call what i just did option select
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  18. Keldricc
    Keldricc Rocky
    you make my heart go doki doki
  19. Keldricc
    Keldricc rudyroker3
    you make my heart go doki doki
  20. Keldricc
    Keldricc Moled
    you make me feel physically ill solely by existing
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