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There is not much I could put here that would wholeheartedly do me justice.
Instead, just message and ask me! I don't bite. No seriously, I don't have a mouth.

Here's some wisdom for the road: Our feelings are governed by unmet needs that we strive to accomplish, in hopes of reaching what we feel is better or to make us happy. These "needs" that must be met, however, are set by ourselves, for ourselves. In that sense, what it takes to make you happy is completely and mentally up to you. Many around the world have near-nothing but still find happiness & joy. This in essence, is why religions are so powerful. For some, merely having hope and believing in something is enough to make them happy. So what makes you happy?
Oct 18, 1999 (Age: 24)
United States - New Jersey
Full-Time Peacekeeper ☮ Part-Time Therapist For My Friends


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