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  1. Uncle_Devo

    MCInfected Giveaways #1

    IGN: Uncle_Devo How long have I played mci: Since Project mayhem If I win I already have a donator rank so I'm entering for So_Freshh Good luck everyone!
  2. Uncle_Devo

    Product's Proposed MCI Updates [v.1]

    I like these ideas and with a couple changes I wouldn't mind seeing them implemented in some fashion.
  3. Uncle_Devo

    Tug of War 2.0

  4. Uncle_Devo

    What is the meaning of your Minecraft username?

    My lord, saviour and full inspiration. The video explains it all.
  5. Uncle_Devo

    Just a guy with a thirst for cookies, and addictive substances. That's me.

    Just a guy with a thirst for cookies, and addictive substances. That's me.
  6. Uncle_Devo

    Final Stand Buff?

    hey just voicing my thoughts on what I think would be a cool addition to the final stand perk to make it a bit more worthwhile and attractive for players to spend their valuable prestige tokens on. The first option I thought could possibly be viable to implement would be a random teleportation...
  7. Uncle_Devo


    Gz @Whalebit :)
  8. Uncle_Devo

    Showing Infected

    Currently when your in a game on the Minecraft Infected server and you press tab it only shows your own gamertag and the survivors still standing and ive been in a couple instances where I'm not sure someone has joined midgame as you cant see them on the tab list, I just thought it might be a...
  9. Uncle_Devo


    All I gotta say folks o/
  10. Uncle_Devo

    [Giveaway 2 of 4] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway

    Uncle_Devo I'm going to have to say Whalebit too :)
  11. Uncle_Devo

    [Giveaway 1 of 4] 3x VIP Giveaway

    Uncle_Devo <3
  12. Uncle_Devo

    Steal the cookie

    I'm sat chilling in the death star when an interference comes through my radar-inator on earth, I look through the communal hyper telescope and notice Rod has stopped off for a tea break! I hastily activate the death ray and blow the planet to smithereens along with rod, his time machine and the...