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  1. YungChrisx

    /istats to see your combined infected stats

    Typing just /istats shows your complete infected stats between all of your kits.
  2. YungChrisx

    Add /ignore

    Yes please.
  3. YungChrisx

    What is the meaning of your Minecraft username?

    I'm curious to know the story of your Minecraft username! Mine isn't the most interesting but I'll start. The first time I used my username was Christmas 2016, when I got a PS4. I wanted to make a new username but couldn't think of anything creative so I just put Yung in front of my real name...
  4. YungChrisx

    Battlepass Giveaway

    YungChrisx :)
  5. YungChrisx


    Hello double cookie man! My name is Chris!
  6. YungChrisx

    Hey forums!

    Hey forums!