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  1. Piglord

    The Boxing Ring

    POG I think it's cool
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    IRL Thread

    We should do this again one year later! pog
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    Water Monster Kit

  4. Piglord

    Bring back vacuum grenade

    I've been thinking a lot lately about what aspects of Project Mayhem made playing MCI fun. And I couldn't stop thinking about the vacuum grenade. At the moment, we only have a small number of grenades in the game, or at least grenades that are constantly used every game(sticky and flash). Vacuum...
  5. Piglord

    Add Kevlar Vest

    This post does not necessarily look to add the kevlar vest from project mayhem or MCI 1.0. Rather it is a post that calls for a new prestige perk, that can for sure be tweaked and balanced. I am sure that the perk can be changed to protect less than it should, and could even be used in other...
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    Best Perks Rn?

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    I just wanted to put these here because for one this suggestion got the most views out of all the ones posted. LINK1 And I still think this is a good idea. LINK2 Additionally, with the new influx of players, this should be taken into consideration. I believe this is the only way to keep a...
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    Aj's Giant Group Prestige (August 2020)

    Ahh yes, never gets old. I'll try my best to be on!
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    I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE THAT MADE THIS POSSIBLE. Due to the support on this link, which looked to have Mr. Z_Hobo post more tanking montages. It is finally here! Z_Hobo has posted the video here. MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT. THE OLD HOBO IS BACK!
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    Perk Suggestion: Spongy Skin

    Kevlar Vest It was the first post on suggestions. I've wanted this for a while now, and I think the community does as well
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    What Direction Should the Game Take?

    1. I find the game fairly balanced right now. One thing that I find might not be too balanced is how powerful mother zombie is. I understand that mz is supposed to be a very strong class. However, in my experience, I am able to easily kill players who are ranks below 19, It's not worth it to...
  12. Piglord

    Killing groups of infected

    I agree with this idea, however, I feel like fire mind or surge isn't the way to solve this. Vacuum nades, however, would be a good addition, but they should not be easily attainable. Maybe one could get them through demolitionist only. Which would encourage people to buy the perk too.
  13. Piglord

    Iron Sword for Scorestreaks

    Personally I feel like if this was added It would motivate me to play the game more and actually prestige, as its a goal that actually isn't as easy as it sounds that one can work towards. Especially if there's a mission or hat added for it, people will want to go for it. Additionally, commander...
  14. Piglord

    Iron Sword for Scorestreaks

    This would also encourage people, not to commander tank, and to buy jug. I just see many benefits that could come with this
  15. Piglord

    Iron Sword for Scorestreaks

    My idea for implementing an iron sword for lower ranks is quite weird but stay with me here. My idea consists of a player, rank 14 or lower in which the player is granted an iron sword once they reach a 15 or 20 killstreak. This is basically the same idea of the diamond sword, but for lower...
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    [raffle] be my valentine

    ItzPiglord please and thankyou
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    Battlepass Giveaway! (Winner will be announced on the day of release)

    Username: ItzPiglord Reason you want the Battlepass:
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    Hi. I am. Agent40.

    Hello Everyone! My name is Aiden also known as Agent40. I see that you have found my youtube channel and that is a great thing! If you like Funny Moments and different and new Mini Games including my main Series of Mcinfected 2.0 then Subscribe to my channel. I hope that you all ENJOY, your time...
  20. Piglord

    Add Kevlar Vest

    Adding kevlar vest will give survivors protection mainly from skeletons as one will have projectile protection on their chest plate. This was added before in Mci 2.0, and through personal experience, it was not overpowered in any way. Would love to hear some feedback.