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    MCInfected Ideas To Help w/ Player Retention

    I like the idea but the map pool should be bigger, maybe 25 per pool and only having 2 rotations?
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    New Idea for the Server (Classes)

    Classes: Can be chosen once a player gets to prestige 1. Similar to infected xp, can be prestiged over time with perks gained every 10 levels or something? These classes will grant the following: Warrior - Receive 1 extra cookie on kill, deal 0.25 extra damage. Prestiged for 0.5 damage Paladin...
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    Hour of Grind Follow Up!

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say, Hour of Grind #1 was a huge success! Because of this I'm going to schedule for 2 weeks from now. We may move this to next week depending on how things go. We achieved a max of 38 players, thank you to everyone attending! Post below how many cookies you gained...
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    Aj's Giant Group Prestige (April 2020)

    I bet we havent had 106 different players on at any time in the last month :(
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    Where are da bees

    Where beenana
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    Hour of Grind!

    So I'm planning on hosting an "Hour of Grind" this Saturday the 15th at 3 PM Est to 4 PM EST. The goal is to have as many players online as possible to earn as many cookies as possible. Every round will be boosted and it will be a good time to use personal boosters! Please come if you can, and...