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  1. Rudy

    Mc Infected Giveaways #1

    IGN: rudyroker3 How long have you been playing MCInfected?: Since Super-Gaming! :)
  2. Rudy

    My Scores! Here are my scores! Please comment yours below and we can compare! :)
  3. Rudy

    MCInfected Giveaways #1

    IGN: rudyroker3 How long have you been playing MCInfected? Many years, ever since Super Gaming.
  4. Rudy

    I'm going to reform for real

    Hello ladies, the time has come. I am not toxic anymore and I want to continue making this community better every day! :) Bernie 2020
  5. Rudy

    Commander Camping Changes

    1) Did you think commander camping was problematic? Why? I actually think commander camping allows a rather large subset of the player to play MCI the way they want to. There are many people who like to hide and camp, but I think the majority of players want to tank. Coupled with the fact that...
  6. Rudy


    Hey guys, it is me rudyroker3 (I go by Rudy)! rawr xD I've been involved in the community for many moons now and I love to voice chat with people about and other games like League of Legends (made by Riot Games Inc.)! If you want to share some thoughts and have...