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    Add Kevlar Vest

    As far as I can recall, They removed Kevlar vest because it made ranged classes obsolete as their projectiles would deal barely any damage. The old Kevlar vest reduced ranged damage by 30%, which essentially made skeleton go from 3 hearts to only 2 hearts, which is terrible. I disagree with this...
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    New MCI Perk Ideas

    This thread will be composed of any ideas for new perks. If you have any new perk suggestions or changes feel free to respond and I will add it to the thread. Legend: Green - Survivor only perk Red - Infected only perk Blue - Universal perk Guardian Angel (2 Prestige Tokens) Ability: All...
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    Undying Virus

    Yes it would technically be a built in mechanic, but it would be in the prestige perk menu so people can see what it is and how it works. It wouldn't cost any prestige tokens and every player would have the perk from the beginning.
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    Product's Balance Patch (suggestion)

    THREAD UPDATE: -Cleaned up some of the arguments, and color-coded some of the text. -Added a buff/change to Wither Skeleton
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    Undying Virus

    After playing MCI a lot in past couple of weeks, I noticed a problem that a lot of other people have pointed out; humans are practically invincible when there are smaller numbers of players online (about 4-10). Most of those games, the infected don't even get a single kill against the humans as...
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    Product's Balance Patch (suggestion)

    Hi all, the purpose of this thread is to discuss what kits/perks need to be changed. First I will start off with the infected classes. Survivor Perks And that's all I have to say on the matter as of now. Let me know of your feedback in the comments, thanks.
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    MCI Overhaul

    I think we can all agree that MCI is a pretty cool gamemode. But I think we can also agree that MCI is similar to an MMO, in which the game can only grow and survive if it is constantly being updated. Not only updated to add new content, but to also refine mechanics that are already in the game...
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    We raised $16,024 for Black Lives Matter Charities last weekend!

    we should raise money for the church they burned down
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    The "protesters" burned down a historic 200 year old church next to the white house. Can't wait...

    The "protesters" burned down a historic 200 year old church next to the white house. Can't wait to see what burns next for "justice"
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    22 1 2 4

    22 1 2 4
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    IRL Thread

    What happened
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    Commander Cookie Cap

    There needs to be a way to stop people from commander camping, because it is a problem. It completely ruins the flow of them game when 70% of the survivors are still alive when there is only 30 seconds left of the game
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    Commander Cookie Cap

    Make it 10k so people can buy chests but cant save up for months on end
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    Only a handful of people will remember me but Hi

    I remember you your pfp used to be a wither skeleton head
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    How's Quarantine?

    All of my quarantine school work isnt graded so I dont have to do anything
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    I want to see too

    I want to see too
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    MCI Custom Texture Pack

    THREAD UPDATE: Some people said the link doesn't work, so I get a dropbox link instead Enjoy
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    How's Quarantine?

    wtf u like nas too? EDIT: I have a poster of illmatic on my wall