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  1. AmericanNewb

    Minecraft Infected Kits Tier List

    Hey everyone, I decided to create a Minecraft Infected Tier List Template for the Infected classes. Here's mine: Here's the link to the template if you want to make your own,
  2. AmericanNewb

    Starting New Players at Rank 10

    The idea about starting new players at rank 10 was suggested before in the past, but I just wanted to make a forum thread about this in order to get more thoughts from the community. I believe that starting new players at rank 10 offers so many pros and little to no cons. Some pros being that...
  3. AmericanNewb

    Iron Golem Buff

    I feel like the current Iron Golem needs a buff since it almost feels like a free kill every time I encounter one. The hitbox is bigger than most of the other infected classes and does little damage. While playing League the other day, I thought of an interesting idea that we could implement on...
  4. AmericanNewb

    Bringing back flight for Vampire

    The Vampire kit should be able to fly again just like it did in Project Mayhem. I believe that the current kit has little to offer, and giving it flight again would give it a healthy buff. In addition, flight would also help out balance some human favored maps like Carrier and Downturn.