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  1. Ylermi

    Tug of War 2.0

  2. Ylermi

    hard core trolling !

    hard core trolling !
  3. Ylermi

    Favorite Games

    counter-strike ! almost 3000 hours on it!!!!!!!
  4. Ylermi

    What is the meaning of your Minecraft username?

    it is it is my name irl life
  5. Ylermi

    i am

    hello ! my name is Ylermi and i like gameing and biking!!11 (to school) mci since 1.0!!
  6. Ylermi

    Battlepass Giveaway

  7. Ylermi

    Minecraft Infected Hunger Games Simulator

    Display Name: Ylermi Team Name: trollfacegaming Team Members: Aux1n
  8. Ylermi

    Count until a staff member posts

  9. Ylermi

    troll ing !

    troll ing !