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Hi all! I've curious to see what different games the community plays outside of MCI & Minecraft as a whole. Recently I've been playing lots of Slay The Spire (thank you jackson30007) and Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Let me know what games you all have been playing or just what your favorite games of all time are!


Hearthstone Battleground??? I have no idea what that is but it sounds fun.

I've been playing a lot of Dead by Daylight and Legends of Runeterra recently.


Main games currently are Rainbow Six: Siege, Fallout 4 and Modern Warfare, and I've gotten back into Black Ops 3 custom zombies recently.
Oh and Minecraft Infected ofc
One of my favorite would definitely have to be Ark: survival evolved. New DLC coming out at the end of February so hyped for that

Aj ツ

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Fire Emblem Echoes, Pokemon (Most of the games before Gen 5), and Smash Bros.

I frequently play League and OW now, but the three above are my favorites.


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Oh boy, so first off we’ve got Minecraft but that’s accompanied by Black Desert Online, Warframe, Overwatch, Hollow Knight, Dark Souls, and Code Vein :3

Currently waiting for Silksong and Ori and the Will of the Wisp to come out. Also, Warframe is having a content dry period so R.I.P gameplay.


Dead by daylight was my favorite game for a long while, I really enjoy playing Far Cry 5 And New Dawn for PC

On the consoles, it would be The Last Of Us taking my number 1 slot for my favorite.


Honestly, just Minecraft and Overwatch. I'm super picky about games because most games are just super generic to me lol. Grand Theft Auto is pretty good for the story though, so yeah, those 3 games I guess. ^^


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I don't often play PC games, obviously minecraft being my favourite here as it would be most people's, found myself playing a fair bit of Deep Rock Galactic again lately, it's fun, but I wouldn't say it was a favourite.

In terms of console (PS4), It would have to Grand Theft Auto 5 or the GTA franchise in general. They have always been my favourite games both single player and online. I would say in second it would be the Call of Duty franchise, but a lot of the recent games I wasn't too keen on. I played a lot of Blackout on Black Ops 4, and put a fair few hours in Modern Warfare (the recent one), but apart from that's it's been a while since I've enjoyed a good COD game.


MC will always be my #1. Besides that, League and Tetris would be next in my top three. Can't say I play much else besides some randoms I have on my Switch.

...unless taking naps without alarms before classes counts. << The most dangerous game of all


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I basically mostly play minecraft on weekends and brawlhalla in the weeks (Alot at school) but I also play realm of the mad god a little.
If you play brawlhalla, wanna 1v1 it be fun (I'm low plat)


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Pokémon platinum was my favorite game for so long that I litterally knew the names of trainers on most routes and what Pokémon they had. But after beating it more than 10 times it really gets stale.
Minecraft is my most played pc game for sure. Started out with hunger games. Moved to factions, played factions for way to long. Also played a lot of infected during that time. Moved to Paladins and Apex legends on the side. Stopped with paladins after a year and now combining Apex with MCI.
I'm super competitive, if I play a game my goal is to play as efficient/effective as possible.

Edit: for phone games CoC, and Brawlstars with school friends.


Yeah my mobile go to game is Brawl Stars. I play it too much. I have over 14k trophies. It’s kinda sad. I mostly play league (if we’re not counting Minecraft because that will always be my #1 game)


Yeah I’m pretty gamer been throwing down recently with League,Minecraft, Deadcells and Borderlands 3. For mobile Egg Inc