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Yeah my mobile go to game is Brawl Stars. I play it too much. I have over 14k trophies. It’s kinda sad. I mostly play league (if we’re not counting Minecraft because that will always be my #1 game)
I'm at 15500 atm :(:oops:

Aj ツ

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For mobile Egg Inc


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For console, which was a short lived span for me, anything Nintendo, primarily MarioKart, Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros. The only console we ever really owned was a Wii, which is why everything I played was mostly Nintendo based. It turned out I was really really good at MarioKart, and I completed the game and ended up with the highest online rank you could get at the time (before hackers went absolutely ham on the network and it had to be shut down, pepehands). After that I transitioned to playing Minecraft on a computer. Besides Minecraft, I also play Dead By Daylight, Halo, League of Legends, and Town of Salem.

On mobile, in my free time between classes mostly, I play Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Polytopia, and of course Egg Inc.