[Giveaway 2 of 4] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway


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Hey everyone, welcome to the second giveaway of 4, if you didn’t read the title, this one is for 2 premium battle pass “memberships”.

I understand a good portion of you already have the premium pass, so for this one you can either enter for yourself, or a friend, but the same person cannot be entered twice. However, for this one there will be a little twist, I want you to list your favourite staff member when you enter. Then if by chance you match mine, you'll gain an extra entry. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, so I’m not 100 percent certain how you’ll all feel at the chance to get a second entry. We’ll see.

I won’t be revealing my favourite staff member until the end when the winners are drawn, so if you see me like a random post that doesn’t mean they got it right, it just means I more than likely, agree with who they entered for, or I just like the post because maybe they said thank you or something silly I don’t know. The extra votes from the matching staff member will be added at the very end just before the winners are chosen (I will also edit this post at that time just so you can see the extra votes)
To clarify, I was given a list of all staff, I split it in half and chose the half which contained my favourite staff. If you're not in the list please don't feel offended as only 1 member of staff in the list was specifically chosen, the rest were near enough random.

In the below spoiler, you’ll find a list of just 10 staff members of different rankings, and in no particular order. Because there are 20 staff members I decided to half that just to make it a little easier to get an extra vote. It is important you view the list before stating your favourite staff because they may not even be on the list.

To Enter:
All you need to do is leave either your in game name, or the person’s in game name that you are entering for, and your favourite staff member from the list, in the replies below.
(I seemingly forgot this bit in the last giveaway so props to AshlynSwitch for questioning it very early on)

Giveaways schedule:
[Giveaway 1 Ended] 3x VIP Giveaway --- 1st March -> 7th March
[Giveaway 2- This Giveaway] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway --- 8th March -> 14th March
[Giveaway 3] 1x Rank Upgrade Giveaway --- 15th March -> 21st March
[Giveaway 4] $30 Giveaway --- 22nd March -> 28th March
For information on the future giveaways listed above, please visit the below link:

1: Mew
2: AmericanNewb [AJ]
3: lordslaughter20 [AJ]
4: AshlynSwitch [Whalebit]
5: Uncle_Devo [Whalebit]
6: Lividcoffeebean [Whalebit]
7: FlameMC [Jimmequa] - Nitmare
8: Jedi_420 [jackson30007] - Justin
9: Chiief [Whalebit] - Whalebit

Extra votes:
[My favourite staff was Whalebit]
10: AshlynSwitch [Whalebit]
11: Uncle_Devo [Whalebit]
12: Lividcoffeebean [Whalebit]
13: Chiief [Whalebit] - Whalebit
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I would choose Nitmare the Head Trial Jr. Mod but since he isn't on the list I would have to vote for Jimme


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I'd like to start this draw by firstly apologising for being late, we've had an urgent family situation that took priority over doing this. I won't be going into detail but appreciate you all for bearing with me over the night.

My favourite staff member was indeed the fantastic Whalebit, so below are the users who gained an extra vote by choosing the same staff member as I:
AshlynSwitch [Whalebit]
Uncle_Devo [Whalebit]
Lividcoffeebean [Whalebit]
Chiief [Whalebit]

The winners for this giveaway are:
10: @AshlynSwitch [Their extra vote for getting the correct staff] ---- [Discord]
3: @lordslaughter20 ---- [Forum mail]

I have messaged you both on a specific platform [see the brackets next to your name]. You will all have 48 hours to respond and confirm that you would like to receive the premium battlepass. I will try numerous times and platforms to contact you during these 48 hours to try make sure you don't miss out. If you still fail to respond then I will draw another winner.

You'll see below that I am going to temporarily postponing the next 2 giveaways. Originally I didn't want to let anybody down by doing this, but with the current situation with the server and there just not being very many players around recently, I feel it will be best to hold the next 2 giveaways until the server starts to pick up again so more people have a chance at participating in them. I can't give you an exact date when I will do them, but as long as the forums/server etc pick up a bit I will pick them back up again.

Giveaways schedule:
  • [Giveaway 1] - [ENDED] 3x VIP Giveaway --- 1st March -> 7th March
  • [Giveaway 2] [ENDED] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway --- 8th March -> 14th March
  • [Giveaway 3] 1x Rank Upgrade Giveaway --- Temporarily postponed
  • [Giveaway 4] $30 Giveaway --- 22nd March -> Temporarily postponed