MCI Custom Texture Pack


Hello. I made a MCI texture pack that gives custom textures to items in game (such as the riot shield and throwing knives)

This works like a normal 1.8.9 texture pack but it requires optifine

Here is everything in the texture pack:



Other Textures (Hit thread limit):

  • Removed door/trapdoor sounds
  • Improved zombie death sound
  • Your character really enjoys killing mother zombies
  • Vampires learned how to rap

How can I download this texture pack?
If you want to use this texture pack then you are going to have to send me $20 on my paypal account.

Just kidding. The download link is right here:

If u like the texture pack then u had to buy me VIP thats the deal


Some things don't have texture because I liked their default texture to begin with. Also some items can't have custom textures, such as mob/player heads. A few other things would not work with custom textures for unknown reasons that I'm still trying to figure out.

I'm aware that not every texture is perfect. I already spent 8+ hours making it, and I will improve it in the near future.

The first reason why the texture pack could not be working is because you do not have an up to date optifine, which is required.
Another reason could be that you are not in 1.8.9, as this texture pack is only 1.8.9 (will never change game versions, you should be playing 1.8.9)
One more reason the texture pack could not be working is because of mods you have installed. I know that 1.7 animations mods mess up with custom textures, but other mods could do that too.

Great. Then send it to me, and if I like it better, I will add it and credit you.

Enjoy the texture pack!


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That's pretty neat! I'm glad that the pack has a wooden door sound muffler for maps like getaway. I like it, but I did not shake on the deal of buying VIP.