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I think we can all agree that MCI is a pretty cool gamemode. But I think we can also agree that MCI is similar to an MMO, in which the game can only grow and survive if it is constantly being updated. Not only updated to add new content, but to also refine mechanics that are already in the game. Here I have compiled some of my ideas that can be used to Overhaul MCI with new content and to refine some existing mechanics.

1) /shop

In its current state, the survivor shop doesn't make any sense. The whole point of MCI is to save up your cookies to rank up. However, the shop reverses this natural state of progression and sets you back in time for a tiny bonus. (Example, 1 apple will cost 20 cookies, but there is no way that buying that 1 apple will net you an extra 10 kills, which is what it takes to pay for itself.) So then why would anyway even bother with the shop in its current state? Luckily I have a solution.

A new currency needs to be added, gold. You can then only buy things with gold in the shop. You can earn gold by;

Killing an infected - 5 gold
Winning the game as a survivor - 10 gold

All of the shop prices will stay the game. You also cannot spend more than 1,000 gold in a single game.
Having the shop handles this way actually makes sense. You can build up some gold for a couple games, then buy a mystery box or two, without it hurting your progression. In fact, it will actually aid your progression, which is the entire point of the game after all.

2) Survivor Classes

Another problem I noticed with MCI is that how you play the game is separated into 2 different stages:
1 - Intentionally fighting infected (Tanking)
2 - Intentionally avoided infected (Hiding)

To most players, including myself, this gets extremely boring. I will complete a game, and then sit in the lobby just to think "Am I really gonna spend another 5 minutes to do the same exact thing I've been doing for the past hour?" So the problem comes down to breaking the monotony. One way to do this is to have survivors be able to choose classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, and its own progression.

How would these classes be organized? Well to quote Halo Developer Jaime Griesemer, "In Halo 1, there was maybe 30 seconds of fun that happened over and over and over and over again. And so, if you can get 30 seconds of fun, you can pretty much stretch that out to be an entire game."

MCI does a good job at creating that 30 seconds of fun, so classes need to add onto that. Classes should be an addition to spicing up those 30 seconds. Each class would have a passive ability, and an activated ability with a cooldown. I have a few ideas for classes ofcourse:

Description: The Gladiator revels in the spotlight of combat, and gains a rush of adrenaline each time he get a kill.
Class Passive: Killing an infected gives you a +30% damage boost for 2 seconds
Class Ability: Right clicking your sword empowers it, dealing a bonus +50% damage on your next hit. The empowered hit expires after 5 seconds if not used. (20 second cooldown)

Description: The Paladin channels his supernatural powers to heal himself and his teammates.
Class Passive: Getting hit by an infected gives you regeneration I for 2 seconds (.4 hearts overall) Doesn't stack.
Class Ability: Right click your sword to heal all nearby survivors for 2 hearts (Does not include user). Each survivor you heal then heals you for half a heart (Max 3 hearts), (45 second cooldown)

Description: The Archer opts for a ranged form of combat to keep the infected at bay.
Class Passive: Your arrows deal a bonus +20% damage when fully charged.
Class Ability: Left click your bow to instantly fire off a half-charged shot. (5 second cooldown)

Description: The Ninja sneaks up on the infected for a quick kill.
Class Passive: Attacks to an enemies back deals a bonus +2 true damage.
Class Ability: Right click your sword to receive speed II for 5 seconds (30 second cooldown)

3) Rest Bonuses

Let me preface this by saying, MCI is a game about grinding. That is what I like about the game and that is why everyone logs onto the server - to grind. But I believe we can embrace the idea of putting in 6 hours to grind each summer night whilst also helping other players have a fun time who aren't able to put in that much time into a video game.

My idea is to give a rest bonus, similar to WoW. A rest bonus would work like this:

If you haven't logged onto the server for 48 hours = A bonus 50% cookies earned for 20 minutes. We can extrapolate these values, so that each 48 hours that you haven't played gives you an extra 50% cookies for 20 minutes, which maxes out at 1 hour.

This would help players who can't sink hour after hour into the game. Of course, the bonus needs to be calibrated so that playing the game rewards you more than staying logged off, but enough so that infrequent players can still progress at a reasonable rate.

4) Tri-Monthly mapping contests

We used to actually have mapping contests, but they did not carry over to this version of MCI.

We need to host a mapping contest to the whole community every 3 months, in which the community can vote for its favorite map submitted in the contest. This would freshen up gameplay while also involving the community in decision making. The winner of the contest should also receive a small price, such as a few cookie boosters or so.

I think that a mapping contest will re-vitalize the MCI map making community like it has in CS:GO. (It's not a great comparison but whatever)

5) General improvements

1 - Have some sort of text/picture showing what scorestreak you are about to earn. A lot of newer players don't even know what they are building towards. Some may say that the mystery makes the game more interesting, but a lot of newer players may expect some sort of food/healing item for their next scorestreak, only to receive a poison potion, etc. A little text on the scoreboard showing what the next scorestreak they are going to earn would be a fun edition to the game.

2 - Add /tip. I know this has been suggested 1 million times already, but it needs to be added. Whenever someone uses a cookie booster, all the players can tip the player, which gives 5 cookies to both the person who activated the booster and the person who tipped him. This would incentivize people to patronize the store to keep the server afloat (at the end of the day the server is a business and the owners took a lot of financial risk to start it back up)

This is the conclusion of the thread, thanks for reading as always, and at the end of the day I just want to see MCI succeed. I have been here since the original MCI, and MCI has been in my life for as long as I can remember.

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