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Hi all, the purpose of this thread is to discuss what kits/perks need to be changed. First I will start off with the infected classes.

Nerf: Wooden Axe (Sharpness 1) [+4.25 dmg] ➤ Wooden Shovel (Sharpness 2) [+3.5 dmg]

Why he needs to be nerfed: Baby Zombie has long been known as easily one of the most powerful infected kits. This is because not only does he have the fastest base speed in the game, he also has one of the strongest weapon. His weapon deals more damage than the default zombie, iron golem, witch, vampire, enderman, skeleton, blaze, wither skeleton, etc.

Why this nerf?: This specific nerf not only reduces his base damage, it also reduces extra crit damage. (its complicated how sharpness and base damage affects critical damage so I won't bother to explain it) This nerf is needed because baby zombie can catch up to any survivor with his speed 2, and can get insane combos.

Buff: 2 Hearts of damage per teleport ➤ 0 Hearts of damage per teleport

Why he needs to be buffed: Enderman is a long-ways-away from his former self in MCI 2.0. He used to have an iron axe and a secondary ability that would increase his melee damage even more. I'm not saying we should return to that, but this is definitely his weakest form. When an enderman teleports to any survivor above rank 15, he is essentially just feeding them more food than damage he deals most of the time.

Why this buff?: I think this design of his ability is good, but taking damage for using his only ability is a very counter-intuitive design. He is essentially punished for using his only ability. Enderman already has terrible armor, the fact that he goes into most fights with only 8 hearts just contributes to the problem of "feeding" higher ranked players. I think endermen should keep his squishy armor and stone axe so he isn't a great PvP class that can also teleport and find hiding survivors. Just removing his punishment for teleporting is a good fix in my opinion.

Buff + Nerf: Regen II (2.5s) ➤ Regen II (5s), Speed I (5s) ➤ Speed II (4s) | Blindness (2s) ➤ Blindness (3s), Poison (2s) ➤ Poison (3s)
Witch's Armor: Iron Chestplate ➤ Leather Chestplate

Why Witch needs to be Buffed and Nerfed: After buying MVP, witch has easily become my favorite class to play. Not only can she annoy survivors with random debuffs, she can heal and buff her entire team during a group fight, which can easily turn an impossible fight into a couple of kills. The only problem is, the witch can sometimes constantly give her teammates terrible buffs that have no effect on gameplay. I think we should slightly buff her potion effects to make her more of a support class. For example, Regen II for 2.5 seconds would only heal a zombie for 1 heart (which is essentially nothing because infected can respawn). Speed I should be changed to Speed II because speed I is literally worthless, Blindness for 2 seconds does practically nothing, and poison I for 2 seconds does half a heart of damage.

Why these Changes?: Well I practically already explain the buffs in the part above, so I'll explain why her armor should be nerfed. Witch is a support class, and yet it has stronger armor than a default zombie, the premier PvP class. I know she has a bad weapon, but support classes are supposed to be squishy so survivors can quickly deal with them instead of just having to face an entire horde with potion effect buffs. Turning her chestplate from iron to leather should fix that problem.

Buff: Whilst Holding a block in your inventory, you receive 75% less knockback. You will automatically drop your block if you are hit 3 times whilst holding it.

Why Iron Golem needs a buff: Iron golem is currently struggling to find a niche. It is very tanky, but has a very large hitbox which can be abused by intelligent survivors. It is also impossible to hit people in a ladder spot because they can hit your hitbox before you can even see them. Iron golem seems like an awkward class that servers no purpose, he can't pvp better than a default zombie and his ranged attack is much worse than a blaze or skeleton. However, there is a niche he can easily fit into, countering op knockback spots. Since Iron Golem will take 75% less knockback for 3 hits, he can easily tank through the survivors hits and start to actually fight. This will give iron golem a purpose.

Why this buff?: This buff would make iron golem a unique and strong class for countering knockback spots on certain maps. Golem would also be the only class that takes less knockback from survivor's attacks. Other than that, Iron Golem is almost never used in most games (from what I've seen).

Rework: Change his first ability to a new one, which is called 'Vile Corruption'.

Vile Corruption: Each time you hit a survivor, they are inflicted with wither for 1 second. Each consecutive hit on the same survivor doubles the amount of wither on that survivor. (Caps at 8 seconds of wither, resets the chain when you die)
Example: 1st hit = 1 second of wither (no damage)
Example: 2nd hit = 2 seconds of wither (half a heart)
Example: 3rd hit = 4 seconds of wither (one heart)
Example: 4th hit = 8 seconds of wither (two hearts)

Why Wither Skeleton needs a buff: Wither Skeleton is rarely used. He is a hybrid class, having both a melee and ranged ability along with a bow. However, his melee ability is very weak. A lot of times, you won't be able to get 4 hits on the survivor your fighting, and if you do, then it only deals 1 extra heart of damage. With this new ability, even if you don't get a lot of hits on a survivor you will still do extra damage. This new ability also deals more damage at 4 hits than his previous ability.

Why this buff?: The good thing about the wither effect is that it ignores armor. This means that it deals the same amount of damage to Commanders as it does to lower rank players. This ability is also unique and powerful, which makes Wither Skeleton a much stronger class that people will want to use.

Survivor Perks

I think medic is a very good survivor perk, and I want to add a second tier to medic as most players buy that as there first perk and never re-visit it.

Medic I: Same as it is right now

Medic II: Receive 3 bandages that give other survivors regeneration III and absorption I for 5 seconds. (1 Prestige Token)

Sleight of Hand is a terrible perk. Right now, it only speeds up potion drink by 40% and replaces your iron sword with a diamond one when you hit a 25 scorestreak. I mean sure, that's a good perk, but it literally costs 4 prestige tokens, which is the same as juggernaut or final stand, which are much better perks. My solution is the following:

Sleight of Hand I: You drink potions 40% faster (1 Prestige Token)

Sleight of Hand II: You drink potions 80% faster and your sword will automatically be replaced with a diamond sword when you hit a 25 scorestreak (2 Prestige Tokens)
Not only does this change buff the effect of sleight of hand, it also reduces the cost to keep it on par with other stronger survivor perks.

Feather Falling isn't a bad perk, but it could definetely use an improvement. Especially since max feather falling doesn't stop fall damage from 4 blocks, it just reduces the damage a percentage amount.

Feather Falling I: Your boots receive the Feather Falling II enchant. You will also receive no fall damage for the first 60 seconds of the game (the time before the infection spreads)

Feather Falling II: Your boots receive the Feather Falling IV enchant. You will also receive no fall damage for the first 60 seconds of the game. You receive no fall damage when falling from 5 blocks or less.

Oh boy, how the mighty have fallen. I remember when Demolitionist was easily one of the strongest beginner perks in the game. It would give low rank survivors a way to fight or run away from a fight, and would also break up the monotony of the game by giving you a random grenade each round, so each round was a little different. I think the best fix is to simply reduce the cost of Demolitionist from 2 tokens to 1 token, as it used to be.

TLDR: Make Demolitionist go from 2 prestige tokens to 1 prestige token

And that's all I have to say on the matter as of now. Let me know of your feedback in the comments, thanks.
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