The Boxing Ring


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Hello All,

I have been pushing this idea for a little time now, and think that some feedback would be helpful. I have decided to build it out in creative just to show how simple it could look, but since I am not a builder for the server, I don't know how it would look final form obviously.


The Boxing Ring's location would just be at any edge of the lobby, hanging over the void... or even at the top of parkour if people have claimed the prize? Anyways, I think hanging over the void would be the best option. For this Boxing ring, PVP would be enabled within this square. I would like to ask if the general thought would be: fight to the death, or a boxing ring that has regen on so people wouldn't die.

If any staff could let me know if dying in the lobby is something that can happen and not screw anything else up? Or however it would be.... Either way, it would be another thing to look forward to in the lobby, especially when there are a lot of people playing.

Let me know your thoughts!