Day/Night Cycle in MCI

Add day/night cycle to MCI

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My idea is one that has been discussed in the past and is still wanted this day. Adding a day/night cycle to MCI again would allow the lobby and maps to be played in different times of day allowing for different aesthetic perspectives.

In my personal opinion, it gets very boring that every map is set to the same type of day and it always looks the same and it feels more repetitive. Allowing for the time of day to change adds just a little bit of variety that is very noticeable and visually pleasing. I understand that some maps wouldn't work best at night since not all maps have much lighting on them and not everyone uses fullbright, but maps could be changed to have more lighting or have some maps that may only be played in the daytime.

There is an argument that people can just change this client side, but it would be much nicer if it were seen by all players and would add more variety to the gamemode.

I took just a few screenshots for examples: