Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Bundle


Hi friends,

Hope you're all having a good friday. At 5pm EST today, we're going to release an update that will enable our Easter Egg Hunt and our Easter Bundle.

Easter Bundle

For the next few weeks, we'll be selling an Easter Bundle on our store for $15. The bundle comes with a bunch of awesome cosmetic items, including an Easter egg survivor effect. It also gives a 1 hour personal cookie booster, 10 cookie boosters, and 5 infected xp boosters. Buy it at 5pm EST today at https://shop.minecraft-infected.com/

This bundle and the cosmetics associated with it will only be available for a limited time on our store. Once it's gone, all of the Easter cosmetics will no longer be available to purchase and can't be unlocked anywhere else.

We hope you help support the server through this awesome deal.

Easter Egg Hunt

Help the Easter Bunny find 25 Easter Eggs scattered across our maps and be rewarded handsomely for your help. Talk to the Easter Bunny in the lobby to learn what maps to search. Good luck!

  • We're working on some awesome updates, stay tuned for some big stuff coming in a few weeks
  • We've just added Battlepass Tier Skips to https://shop.minecraft-infected.com/. Get 10 for $5. Battlepass Season 1 ends on May 1st.

I want to give a big welcome to all of you who have joined over the past few weeks. It's great to see our community flourish. Stay safe, stay inside, wash your hands, and keep your distance from others!