Feedback for Map Submissions

Aj ツ

Sr. Moderator
Negative feedback can be misconstrued easily online for toxicity and being rude, but at least give the option for people to say like or dislike a map submission so there is a better understanding as to if the community wants something or not. I don't think commenting is necessary for this, but at least a mandatory poll or an anonymous feedback area where normal players can give their perspective objectively, and that way there is no hostility or animosity towards each other if someone does give negative feedback. Players can sometimes find things that the staff/build team may miss and I feel there is no big repercussion to this. Not only that, but map creators can stand to benefit greatly as they can get a general consensus on what the playerbase thinks. I lean towards allowing replies again, but I get how thats messy and can devolve very quickly into a hostile and toxic environment, but at least having a poll on the map submission for a quick "Yes" or "No". A number of likes on a post can be VERY easily misleading as to whether people like it or not.


To be honest, I have never been one to advice against map submission commenting. The server was built on the players we have today, and without them and their feedback we fail as a server. +1