Final Stand Buff?

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hey just voicing my thoughts on what I think would be a cool addition to the final stand perk to make it a bit more worthwhile and attractive for players to spend their valuable prestige tokens on.
The first option I thought could possibly be viable to implement would be a random teleportation around the map upon respawn using the perk rather then respawning at spawn itself, in my experience ive been in many heated games that once the respawn has been announced the survivor has to run out of spawn with a hefty horde of zombies chasing intently behind for the survivor to quickly get tore apart due to the lack of armour and amount of zombies. The random teleportation would work by respawning the player to a random location around the map to give them a chance at retaining a hiding spot as tanking at private is pretty hard. I believe itd make the perk a lot more desirable as at the minute both Jugg and Final stand cost 4 prestige tokens and I can only name a handful of players that have the final stand perk whereas I'm sure I can name a whole lot more that have Jugg.
A different possible way it could be improved would be maybe an armour buff? this would inevitably make the kit a little stronger and more effective when battling off the incoming zombies.
Another possible idea that could be implemented would be similar to the teleportation idea but a lot easier to implement and maybe even better overall, and that would be the survivor enduring an invis effect upon respawning using the perk for maybe around 10 seconds? just to knock off the scent a little bit rather then infected instantly chasing the survivor from spawn giving the player a greater chance and undoubtedly making the perk yet again a lot more desirable.

Thanks for reading my forum post these are just ideas I thought might be cool to see implemented in some fashion and I'm more than open to a discussion with you guys to hear your thoughts and ideas too.


You could also make it so that it does not show when a player respawns because of final stand in the chat