Fixing MCI: a list of some suggestions


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Hey everyone hope you guys are doing well. I am making this thread today as a sort of list of potential fixes I think would help with getting mci back on its feet again and maintaining higher player counts.
Issue 1: The current issue with map balancing
So I've noticed that the development team's strategy has generally centered around changing maps rather than changing survivor vs infected. This has had two negative impacts on the game. These are reducing gameplay variety and reducing the size of the map pool, both making the game less replayable and more stale. Someone suggested that rather balancing around maps the dev team should instead try balancing the infected kits AROUND the maps. If infected are repeatedly having trouble with vertical maps, instead of removing and nerfing vertical maps the dev team should instead try buffing infected's ability to deal with these types of maps. This would include giving vamp fly, a suggestion that's been floatin around since vamp fly was removed. I think rebalancing infected kits to make it so every kit has a use on a different type of map would lead to more enjoyable experiences for the infected players as they would be encouraged to learn a wide variety of kits in order to be more adaptable
Issue 2: Current gameplay dynamic
This is an issue that is far more controversial and provokes far more disagreement than the first. There are quite a few players who like the tanking playstyle. This playstyle involves getting prestige perks that encourage/enable streaking (scav/tk's) and then usually going around in a group and killing infected. While this playstyle certainly is more enjoyable than playing hide and seek every game, it creates a bunch of problems. First is that with current player counts and with the right composition of players there can be a string of games where infected literally cant win regardless of map or playstyle. Groups of full iron kill squads sitting outside spawn for 3 minutes isnt fun, and a large part of the reason why many new players quit. This brings me to an idea I've been mulling over for a while to encourage players to get infected prestige perks which can help mitigate the current power balance between survivors and infected
Separate surv and infected prestige perks-
When prestiging, instead of giving players just 2 tokens it should instead be 2 survivor tokens and 1 infected token. That way players are able to get infected perks without having to bypass important surv perks. While this does make it significantly easier to progress, I believe with current playercounts and with it being harder to gain cookies this would be a beneficial change that would help make infected more viable to main.
Infected progression- as it stands right now there's only really one thing to progress which is ranking up and prestiging. The current infected progression system gives some buffs to kits but prestiging infected kits is purely for cosmetic purposes. I propose adding a new infected progression talent system that allows for more infected flexibility. Here's how it would work. Whenever a person prestiges for a kit they unlock a talent point for that kit. The talents would not be pure buffs but rather swapouts for that kit. For example a skeleton talent could be the skeleton gets more arrows upfront but its arrow regeneration rate is lowered. A vamp swapout could be that it loses its lifesteals but gains flight. These swapouts would allow players to be more adaptable to different maps and could be used to help minimize the disadvantage infected have on vertical maps.
Reputation milestones: As it stands now reputation is literally useless and serves no purpose. To this end I bring up a suggestion a few others have already put forward- reputation milestones. These milestones could be cosmetic or something useful (such as boosters) and could be spread far enough apart that it would take some time to get to the top milestone. I also suggest making reputation seasonal and adding a rep leaderboard, both of which are reset at the start of a new reputation season. Finally I believe that the top milestone should be the ability to vote for a map to be added back. Mods would have full control over what maps were able to be voted for and could establish a voting threshold that would have to be met in order for a map to be voted back in (requiring 75% of votes to go to one map for example). This way the community could express support for maps they believe were wrongfully removed (such as my baby temple of time :( ) and also have the mods still have the final say in what gets put back into the game.
Misc changes I support
Giving slime jump boost (it just makes sense)
Fixing lag/map generation issues on Meltdown
Buffing kingslayer
replacing streaker with an actual useful perk
Banning the use of colored text on the forums (but only for nitro)


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I agree with all of this besides slime. slime should keep the jump boost but also get slime slam back.
they should use the dark cookies so where people can buy infected classes with them for nightmare rounds only or for regular games too. and to also have it where you can buy perks for only nightmare rounds to help survivors or infected as well
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