Fox Kit


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Wood sword
(personally I like gold hoe but don't know if it would work out)

Leather set


Mouser (Pounce)
Jump up 4 blocks

Clever Girl
Small chance to steal a random food item from survivor during attack

Sly Fox
Idk, invisibility? Something to imitate being stealthy and make it less susceptible to attacks
Activate by sneaking and staying sneaked, for a max of 6 seconds or when PvP is initiated
Includes the inherent slowness of sneaking
Only available after a PvP cooldown

Speed boost

This kit mimics a Minecraft fox by being stealthy when approaching humans and being quick to escape humans. This is important because if the fox dies quickly, it defeats the purpose of possibly stealing a piece of food. At the same time, its armor shouldn't be strong enough for the fox to feel comfortable hanging around humans, therefore it needs to have an escape advantage such as speed boost.
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