[Giveaway 1 of 4] 3x VIP Giveaway


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Hey everyone, welcome to what will be the first instalment of 4 giveaways. For anyone who entered the last giveaway, you’d of noticed I only allowed 1 entry per person. Well for this one I’m going to be changing that in hopes that the ranks can go to people the community feels deserve it. I’m going to be allowing multiple entries for everyone, so for anyone who already has an existing rank, feel free to enter for someone who does not, and you feel deserves permanent VIP. This does not mean you can enter for a dozen people, each candidate can still only enter for 1 person, it just means several other people can enter for the same person. Please note though that is a VIP giveaway, so your entry must be a non donor at the time in order to enter. Everyone will be given a number in correlation to your comment/entry submission, so first entry will get number 1, 17th entry number 17 etc.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a reply below with your in game name!

In the event that you entered the giveaway but have since gotten a rank, it would help an awful lot if you could inform me either in this thread or on discord (#BritishBear0042) so I can make sure to remove you from the entries list. I’ll be contacting the winners at the end anyway to make sure they are non donors and would still like the ranks. If for some reason they don’t respond in the designated time (48 hours) or are no longer a non donor, I will reroll to get another winner. (I’ll keep you all posted if this happens)

This giveaway will end on the 7th of March just before midnight, GMT. The 2nd giveaway will then start shortly after which is the 2x premium battle pass giveaway.

(For the winners)
I’ll contact you right after I’ve done the draw and updated the thread with the winners. If I know what your discords are, I’ll contact you there. If I don’t know your discord I’ll send you a mail here on the forums. You’ll have 48 hours to respond and I will try a few times to get your attention so you don’t miss out. If you don’t respond you will lose your winnings and I will re draw another winner.

Giveaways schedule:
  • [Giveaway 1 - This giveaway] 3x VIP Giveaway --- 1st March -> 7th March
  • [Giveaway 2] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway --- 8th March -> 14th March
  • [Giveaway 3] 1x Rank Upgrade Giveaway --- TEMPORARILY POSTPONED
  • [Giveaway 4] $30 Giveaway --- TEMPORARILY POSTPONED
For information on the future giveaways listed above, please visit the below link:

Z_Hobo [Entered by AshlynSwitch]
2: Z_Hobo [Entered by Jimmequa)
3: Z_Hobo [Entered by Brejas]
4: CactusJoe454
5: AraMimikyu
6: Uncle_Devo
7: Uncle_Devo
[Entered by IcyMixed]
8: Z_Hobo [Entered by Nitmare]
9: Uncle_Devo [Entered by KadTheBandit]
10: bebki
11: Pumkin
[Entered by Jaz]
12: Uncle_Devo [Entered by AmericanNewb]
13: lexplo
14: lexplo
[Entered by mocharaven]
15: Z_Hobo [Entered by hcfy]
16: lordslaughter20
17: Z_Hobo [Entered by Whalebit]
18: Lil_Crypl
19: Lil_Crypl
[Entered by Chiief]
20: mikitrinidad
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