[Giveaway 1 of 4] 3x VIP Giveaway


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Giveaway has ended! Thank you all for entering, the winners for this giveaway are as followed:
You'll notice I have drawn 4 times (as also seen in the video when it's uploaded and post is edited). That's simply because the first 2 numbers drawn were 12 then 6, which are both Uncle_Devo, now obviously he cannot win twice but I figured I'd just list all the numbers anyway.

1: 12: @Uncle_Devo [Entered by @AmericanNewb ] [Messaged on Discord]
2: 6: @Uncle_Devo
3: 14: @lexplo [Entered by @mocharaven ]
[Messaged on Discord]
4: 2: @Z_Hobo [Entered by @Jimmequa ] [Messaged on Discord]

I have messaged you all on specific platforms (In brackets next to your name), you will all have 48 hours to respond and confirm that you are still a non donor and would like VIP. I will try numerous times and platforms to contact you during these 48 hours to try make sure you don't miss out. If you still fail to respond then I will draw another winner.

Giveaways schedule:
  • [Giveaway 1 - This giveaway [COMPLETE] 3x VIP Giveaway --- 1st March -> 7th March
  • [Giveaway 2] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway --- 8th March -> 14th March
  • [Giveaway 3] 1x Rank Upgrade Giveaway --- 15th March -> 21st March
  • [Giveaway 4] $30 Giveaway --- 22nd March -> 28th March
Next Giveaway:

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