Grandpa's Infection Guide


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Want to become an infector? Good news! This is a guide I put together using my knowledge, past experiences, and some testing.
Note: If you're really good in combat, there isn't much else you need to know, you can just skip to the prestige perks and leveling kits.

When playing as infected, learning names and knowing their PvP skills plays a huge part for being an infector, if you are pretty confident in your skills you should kill the good players when you have an opportunity. If they're in a really good spot, you should go for the other players who are hiding elsewhere so you have more infected to push with.

Fighting with other infected:
If you don't consider yourself good in PvP, you should make sure you attack with at least 1 other infected, and don't make it easy for them to attack you both at the same time, making sure the survivor at least takes some damage when they try to tank will really help, as long as they take as much hits as they deal hits, they'll die.

If the survivor is dealing with a horde of infected, this is where you need to deal enough damage for them to get killed, jumping while hitting them will deal critical hits, you always need to deal criticals when they have strength in a moshpit, otherwise they will deal enough damage and eat enough food to survive.

Combating bow-spam/Marksman:
Bow-spam is probably the most tedious and annoying thing to come by as an infector, there isn't really much to combat this when it does happen, even for some Skeletons. Now that Spider has been released, you can wait for a Spider to attack on roofs, but in some spots it still isn't the case, if you are using Mother Zombie, you can block with your sword in places where you're obviously going to be hit in order to make them use all their arrows.

This next part will deal with Prestige Perks, it gives the order of perks that I recommend, and it gives more info on those perks.

Infector Prestige Path:
1) zPower 1
2) zPower 2
3) zPower 3
4) King Slayer
5) Beyond the Grave
6) zPower 4
7) Delicious Brains
8) Blast Shield 1
9) Blast Shield 2
10) Blast Shield 3
The best perk to go for is zPower. Hands down. As an infector the best help is to deal as much damage as possible, something else I should note is zPower works with Mother Zombie. There is a huge myth that some players believe it doesn't, with zPower and Sharpness you can rack up some serious damage.

On another note, the reason why King Slayer is preferred before zPower 4 is because:
1) Due to good cookie gain, there are quite a few players who are in full iron.
2) This perk has potential to surpass even all 4 tiers of zPower's damage output for the price of just 1 prestige.
3) You have to prestige twice for zPower 4.
Beyond the Grave is a great perk, it's very useful for the potions, with this perk you'll finally be able to use half of the potions you obtain! I recommended this after getting some zPower and King Slayer because this perk is most useful towards the potions, and the potions require scorestreaks.

After that, you can get zPower 4! This was a pretty expensive tier, but now you're dealing as much damage as you possibly can to survivors!

Delicious Brains doesn't look too good at first, but it's a really good perk if used in a way, especially with Beyond the Grave. The best use for this perk is to save your brains to use on a single survivor to tank the hits, if they don't use their throwing knives you can deal a ton of damage and kill them or make then use all their food.
Blast Shield looks super good on paper, but the experience does not say so, it's still a good perk, but there's just better, only at max is it super useful, but it costs a lot to upgrade. The first tiers are not big game-changers since most of the time you are affected by a grenade you are hit immediately afterwards. When upgrading, be patient, it's great once it's maxed out, otherwise it's only noticeably useful when someone throws a grenade to prevent you from parkouring or getting inside a tanking spot.

Leveling up infected kits:
Leveling up infected kits will help, it isn't really that noticeable at first, but when you get to the higher levels you'll see the effects. For leveling up kits, being a donor will help complete challenges by re-rolling the difficult ones. I made a list of all the hourly challenges I think are fairly easy that you should not re-roll:

Infector- Kill 8 survivors.
Check spawn for afks, and when you think someone's low, prioritize the kill over your death.
Streaker- Get a total of 15 scorestreak points.
For this one, just be careless about your deaths, only worry about dealing damage and you will complete it.
Bulking Up- Kill a survivor within 5 seconds after eating a brain.
For some, this won't exactly be easy, when you have brains in your inventory you need to watch out for throwing knives and be careful of arrows, let other infected take the damage.
Low Ground- Kill 2 survivors while you are at least 1 block below them.
You can just not jump while attacking the survivors and you'll get the challenge when they try to critical hit you.
Unstoppable- Kill 2 survivors in one life.
You can sometimes /kill at the start of the game and see some afks in spawn, if you do see some, you can quickly kill them and carefully find someone else who's pretty easy to kill, remember those who have throwing knives.
Procrastinator- Kill a survivor in the last 30 seconds of the game.
This challenge is fairly easy if you try to save survivors for the end of the game, usually you can just chill as an infected the start of the game (but if there's good tankers you should weaken them a bit), then near the end of the game you can go for kills, the climax of the round where many survivors die will be delayed this way.
Hungry for more- Eat 3 cooked brains.
Immediately eat these brains as soon as you can, keep track of your scorestreak and be ready, watch out for throwing knives.
*Mother Zombie > Viral Domination- Win 1 Game.
This is a fairly easy challenge, my only tip is to be aware of how many rounds it's been since you've been Mother Zombie so you don't vote for maps survivors usually win if you're likely to be picked.
*Skeleton > Sharpshooter- Land 5 shots on survivors 50 blocks away.
You need to remember maps where spots everyone goes to can easily be shot into from far away, such as Arkaden or Goron City.
*Vampire > Polycythemia Vera- Heal 20HP from fangs without dying 3 times.
Don't die, heal from infected, that's it.
*Baby Zombie > Chaser- Kill 3 survivors while sprinting.
Challenge is bugged.
*Situational: One Man Army- Kill 3 survivors with no other infected nearby.
One Man Army is a fairly easy challenge only if there's not too many players online. If there are otherwise, don't go where everyone goes, look for survivors who are hiding.
Note: I recommend at least trying the Bloodthirsty- Get a 5 scorestreak challenge for Mother Zombie even if you aren't great at PvP, I believe it's not very difficult for this kit.

I hope this thread helped you in becoming a better infector, or you at least learn something from this.
Good luck!
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