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I'm so god damn bored at home rn and want to know what you guys do, be it at home or what your normally do when we aren't in a global pandemic. I love just hanging with my friends and art, great time kills. Driving is also super fun.


I like hanging with my friends, playing sports (preferably football, basketball, and ultimate frisbee), and driving around my small ass town with my friends at night. I’ve also been learning the piano for the past few weeks so that’s cool.. oh and video games lol
Honestly, I play 7 instruments, piano, flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, ukelele, and cello. I'm a music person so I just play them occasionally when i'm bored or stressing over exams.


Tbh, Minecraft is my main hobby. Mainly map building side of it, my other hobby is usually streaming but not so much as of recent.

Other than those two, I usually go out and hang with friends most of the time whenever I can really.