How Does Niclosamide Work?


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Buy Niclosamide is an anthelmintic medication primarily used to treat intestinal parasite infections such as tapeworms. Its mechanism of action involves disrupting the energy production and metabolism of parasites.

Uncoupling Oxidative Phosphorylation: Niclosamide interferes with oxidative phosphorylation, a process crucial for ATP (energy) production in parasites. This disruption deprives parasites of essential energy, leading to their eventual death.
Inhibition of Mitochondrial Function: By targeting specific proteins within the mitochondria of parasites, Niclosamide disrupts their ability to generate energy efficiently, further weakening their survival mechanisms.
Antiviral and Anticancer Properties: Beyond its antiparasitic effects, Niclosamide has shown promise in inhibiting certain viruses' replication and has been investigated for its potential anticancer properties, though research in these areas is ongoing.
Overall, Niclosamide's multifaceted actions make it a valuable medication for combating various parasitic infections while also holding potential for broader therapeutic applications.
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