Infected Contracts Update + Double Cookie Weekend


Hey everyone. We just released our Infected Contract update.

Infected Contracts allow you to unlock most infected kits.
You can only have 1 Contract active at once and they all have prestige requirements in order to be activated. Each contract has 4-5 phases consisting of unique challenges and sometimes unique rules. These phases have to be completed to move onto the next phase. Once all the phases have been completed the class is unlocked.

Here is an example of a Contract.
Skeleton Contract
Phase 1: Kill 100 Skeletons
Phase 2: Get 100 Bow kills
Phase 3: Get 5 Melee kills with your Bow
Phase 4: Rule: As a survivor, your sword is replaced with a Sharp Bone (+3 Attack Damage)
Get 100 kills with a Sharp Bone
Reward: Skeleton class unlock

You can view contracts by right clicking the class item in the main infected menu, or by clicking the item in the bottom left of each classes respective menus. Classes that don't have contracts will now have this item in their menu.

For those who already have these classes we plan to add rewards in the future for you. So it still should be worth completing contracts.

We've also decided to do a double cookie weekend.