[Information] March Giveaways - Starting 1/3/20


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Hey Everyone, before we get started detailing all the giveaways for the month of March. I would just like to ask that you please do not try to enter any giveaways through this post. Each giveaway will have it’s own thread dedicated to it, in which you must reply to the thread specific to each giveaway to enter. You’ll find more details about all the entries and rules further in the thread. This thread is purely for “hype”, and to detail all the giveaways for the next month that I will be doing.

These will be the dates that the giveaways will be running. There will be 4 giveaways, 1 for each week, and they will all last 1 week. Each giveaway will start when the thread is posted, I will number them all 1 through 4 to help you keep track. The first one will kick off in little over a weeks time, on the 1st of March.


[Giveaway 1] 3x VIP Giveaway --- FINISHED
I’m going to try something different with this one. For anyone who entered the last giveaway, you’d of noticed I only allowed 1 entry per person. Well for this one I’m going to be changing that in hopes that the ranks can go to people the community feels deserve it. I’m going to be allowing multiple entries per person, so for anyone who already has an existing rank, feel free to enter for someone who does not, and you feel deserves permanent VIP. This does not mean you can enter for a dozen people, each candidate can still only enter for 1 person, it just means several other people can enter for the same person.

This giveaway will start on the 1st of March whenever I post the thread. Then it will end on the 7th of March just before midnight, GMT.

[Giveaway 2] 2x Premium Battle pass Giveaway --- FINISHED
From here on they’re all pretty simple to understand. 2 premium battle pass giveaways. You can either enter for yourself, or a friend, but the same person cannot be entered twice. However, for this one there will be a little twist, I want you to list your favourite staff member when you enter. Then if by chance you match mine, you'll gain an extra entry. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, so I’m not 100 percent certain how you’ll all feel at the chance to get a second entry. We’ll see.

I won’t be revealing my favourite staff member until the end when the winners are drawn, so if you see me like a random post that doesn’t mean they got it right, it just means I more than likely, agree with who they entered for (probably because the person then entered for is my friend), or I just like the post because maybe they said thank you or something silly I don’t know.

This giveaway will start on the 8th March whenever I post the thread, probably after the previous one has ended and the winners have been drawn. Then it will end on the 14th March just before midnight, GMT.

[Giveaway 3] 1x Rank Upgrade Giveaway --- POSTPONED DUE TO COVID
This one is very straight forward. If you win this one I will upgrade your rank to the next tier, so either:
[Your current rank/What you would win]
  • Non donor --- Vip
  • Vip --- Vip+
  • Vip+ --- MVP
  • MVP --- MVP+
Obviously, because this is a rank upgrade giveaway, MVP+ cannot enter this one. They can however, just like all the other giveaways, enter for somebody else. Again, you don’t have to enter for yourself, but the same person cannot be entered twice.

This giveaway will start on the 15th March whenever I post the thread, probably after the previous one has ended and the winners have been drawn. Then it will end on the 21st March just before midnight, GMT.

[Giveaway 4] $30 Giveaway --- POSTPONED DUE TO COVID
Hopefully nearer the time, I can persuade maxben to trade me a $30 gift card (for $30 obviously), so whoever would win this one would get a $30 gift card to use on the minecraft Infected store. You would be able to use this on everything in the store, and I’m sure you could even use it to buy stuff not only for yourself, but other people too. Though I will double check this before the giveaway starts.

This giveaway will start on the 22nd March whenever I post the thread, probably after the previous one has ended and the winners have been drawn. Then it will end on the 28th March just before midnight, GMT.


Now this is something I’ve never done before. Typically I’ve always donated everything myself, which don’t get me wrong I am more than happy to do. However if anyone is feeling generous and would like to add to any of the giveaways to either:
  • Giveaway 1 - Add X amount more winners - (costing $10 for every extra winner)
  • Giveaway 2 - Add another Premium battle pass winner - (costing $10 or $15 for every extra winner)
  • Giveaway 3 - Add another rank upgrade (The cost of this will be the cheapest rank upgrade out of the 2. This will cost either: $10 if non->VIP, $20 if VIP->VIP+, or $35 if VIP+ -> MVP, and MVP -> MVP+)
  • Giveaway 4 - Add X amount of $$ to the total. (The cost depends on how much you would like to add to the total)
If you would like to sponsor any of the above, then please don’t hesitate to contact me via discord (#BritishBear0042) or send me a mail here on the forums. But please, don't take this segment the wrong way. I've always loved giving away to the community, and more often than not, those who cannot donate themselves for whatever reason. Not only does it help out the server we all love to play on, but you'd no doubtfully make someones week, or even month. I won't be doing anything like this often, but with minecraft infected being so "new" if you would, I figured I'd just ask and see what happens. Don't know until you try really right? Anywayy:

If anyone does decide to sponsor, the sponsors will be announced on the giveaway that they have requested they want to help in, not before, unless they do so themselves (which they are more than welcome to). Please note that you will also be held responsible to fill in your end of the bargain here. I mean I can’t force you or punish you for not doing so, but I’d like to think you’d stick to your word in this case.

If nobody sponsors (which that’s absolutely okay, I’m asking you to spend money on someone else here and not everyone likes doing that), the giveaways won't change, all the rewards will stay the same.

Just in case the rare person may think this is a scam for me to rob your money. Unless you choose giveaway option 4, I will not be taking any money off of you, you will complete the donation in your own time. I’d also like to confidently say that I have been and currently am a well respected player in regards to giveaways. Every giveaway I have done in the past 8-9 years (going back to Super Gaming), I have always fulfilled them.

Don't really know how to end the thread to be honest, so if you made it all the way to the end, I'd like to finish by thanking you for actually taking the time to read it, and to wish those that participate in any of the giveaways, the best of luck.

If you have any questions about anything above, please do fire away in the replies below this post, or if you'd rather ask more privately, you can send me a private mail here on the forums, or send me a direct message on discord at: #BritishBear0042
(though I'm sure because of privacy settings you must be apart of minecraft infected's discord server or have a mutual server with me in order to message me)
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