MCI Syndicates


Ever wonder what reputation should be used for? Ever find someone you wish you could team up with in mci? Well look no further! My idea is to have "Syndicates", which are similar to a faction of sorts.

What is a syndicate?
A Syndicate would be a small group of players (5-10) which could spend their reputation to gain small advantages. They could make a 4 letter Syndicate tag, which would show in chat and on their nametag.

What is the point of a syndicate?
A Syndicate would mostly be a social thing, but it would also be a use for your reputation. You could deposit your reputation in your syndicate bank, and then the leader could purchase upgrades and cosmetics!

What can I buy with reputation?
I have a list of all possible advantages here. Note: Keep in mind that when you purchase an upgrade it removes that reputation from your bank. Also, as always, these values are up for debate.
Tier I - Your swords deal 1% more damage (10,000 reputation)
Tier II - Your swords deal 2% more damage (15,000 reputation)
Tier III - Your swords deal 3% more damage (20,000 reputation)
Tier IV - Your swords deal 4% more damage (25,000 reputation)
Tier V - Your swords deal 5% more damage (30,000 reputation)
Tier I - You charge your bow 2% faster. (7,500 reputation)
Tier II - You charge your bow 4% faster. (10,750 reputation)
Tier III - You charge your bow 6% faster. (14,000 reputation)
Tier IV - You charge your bow 8% faster. (17,250 reputation)
Tier V - You charge your bow 10% faster. (20,500 reputation)
Tier I - You gain an extra 5% scorestreak as an infected (5,000 reputation)
Tier II - You gain an extra 10% scorestreak as an infected (10,000 reputation)
Tier III - You gain an extra 15% scorestreak as an infected (15,000 reputation)
Tier I - Survivor ranks cost 1% less cookies (20,000 reputation)
Tier II - Survivor ranks cost 2% less cookies (30,000 reputation)
Tier III - Survivor ranks cost 3% less cookies (40,000 reputation)
5 ➔ 6 total members (1,000 reputation)
6 ➔ 7 total members (3,000 reputation)
7 ➔ 8 total members (9,000 reputation)
8 ➔ 9 total members (27,000 reputation)
9 ➔ 10 total members (50,000 reputation)
Your Syndicate tag would appear gold instead of white in chat and in game (100,000 reputation)