Minecraft Infected Battle Pass, Season 1


Hey everyone,

I'm excited to announce that the Minecraft Infected Season 1 Battle Pass is now live on the Minecraft Infected server! This is our first big project since opening the server and we can't wait to hear what you think of it. With each new battle pass season, we'll be improving the system and adding new cosmetic types and items based on your feedback!

How does the battle pass work?
You will have 60 days to make as much progress as you can on the battle pass. There are two passes available, the free pass and the premium pass. Both passes have 50 tiers, with the free pass giving a total of 10 items and the premium battle pass giving a total of 50 items (one for each tier).

What can I unlock through the battle pass?
Here's a few examples:
Magma Bear Kit (Tier 50, Premium Pass)
Beekeeper Kit (Tier 50, Free Pass)

In addition to kits and tons of cosmetics, you can earn reward tokens, personal 2x cookie, infected xp, and eclipse (both cookie and infected xp) boosters with various lengths (30 minutes, 1 hour) from battle pass tiers.

To learn about everything you can earn in the battle pass, open the pass on the server with (/bp or /battlepass or talk to the NPC in the lobby). Most items can be previewed!

How do I buy the Premium Battle Pass?
Go to shop.minecraft-infected.com. The premium battle pass costs $15, but players with MVP+ get $5 off every battle pass from now on! Any tiers you unlock on the premium pass can be accessed once you purchase the premium pass. We may add the ability to buy battle pass tiers at some point in the season, but we have not decided on this yet.

How do I unlock Battle Pass Tiers?
There's two distinct ways to make progress on your battle pass.

1. Challenges
  • For all 8 weeks of season 1, we're offering three new challenges a week (24 total)
  • Each week there will be an easy, medium, and hard challenge to complete
  • Weekly challenges don't expire until the season ends and unlock every Saturday
  • There's also 6 global challenges that can be completed at any point during season 1
  • Each completed challenge unlocks 1 battle pass tier!
To view challenges and your progress, open the battle pass menu with /battlepass or talk to the NPC in the lobby and click the chest inside the menu.

2. Time Played
  • You earn 1 tier for every 3 hours that you play on the server
  • You can view your progress towards your next tier with the battle pass NPC in lobby.
As always, we're open to feedback on the tuning of challenge difficulty and battle pass progression. We tried our best to make the pass both challenging and rewarding. Please use the suggestions section of the forum or the discord to let us know your thoughts.

We hope you enjoy the result of all the hard work that's come from our staff team to make this happen. Big thank you to everybody that's helped out.
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