More rewards for different events


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With the recent Easter Update, I've had some though about the rewards that it gives you, and I think it would be pretty fair if events, such as the easter egg hunt, gave more for completing it.

This may just be something I agree on, but I wanted to see what other's opinions were on the subject as well. Personally, I don't think that 500 cookies plus a hat is inherently worth finding eggs on 25 map. There's already a large amount of maps, with a selection of those having eggs. From what I've experienced, you don't get egg maps that often. I played for a few hours and got about 3 eggs. I know some people can play MCI for hours and hours looking for eggs, but some players probably can't, or don't want to be on for hours during the day. If you spend hours getting all the eggs, or even if it didn't take that long, 500 just doesn't seem worth it. Yes, I know that some players might not care for the reward considering it's not a lot, and just want to finish it for completion sake, and yes, I know that you get an extra 1250 cookies from actually finding the eggs, but then again, you actually need to find them. Most people at this point know where they are and share it with everyone making it easier, but like I mentioned before, you need to actually get a map that has one. Also, at the time of me making this thread, hats are disabled for a reason I'm unaware of, so at the moment one of the rewards isn't available. One last thing, with a total of 1750 cookies as rewards, unless you are a low rank, or even low prestige due to the tax, it's not going to help much progression wise, especially when you can get 500 cookies from a few games, if there's enough players, and the extra 1250, not taking into account cookie boosters. Maybe throw in a cosmetic, maybe a booster, just something extra to make doing the event a bit more worth while, same goes with future events.

Looking at what I typed I might be overthinking this, or I might be nitpicking, but I mainly made this post to see what other's thought, so sorry if it came out as a bit "much" I guess
Currently I'm inclined to agree with you, feels like a lot of work for not much in the way of reward, but we'll see how it feels after tomorrow's update!

Dream for me would be getting a infected kit for getting all 25, which would also be a great entry for non-donors or newer players, but I'm not sure how realistic of a hope that is


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I view it as a way for the community to work together to share information and gain some extra cookies without having to alter your playstyle. If you don't want to play a lot to find the eggs, it's not a big deal. If you do, it can be a fun way to earn some extra cookies.