Mother Zombie Pass/Ticket

What would you rather want?

  • MZ Pass

    Votes: 5 45.5%
  • MZ Ticket

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • Neither - this mechanic does not need altering

    Votes: 4 36.4%

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Essentially the idea is: a way to give a pass/opportunity for players to have a little influence over their viral status at the beginning of each game. A simple yes or no for the initial mother zombie lottery.

- New players start with 5 MZ Passes.
- New players start with 5 MZ Tickets.
- New command: /mz. This brings up a menu to choose an MZ Ticket or an MZ Pass to either guarantee yourself to be a mother zombie, or to take you out of the drawing for mother zombie all together for the up-incoming round.
- /mz can only be used during the pre-game lobby.
- Amount of people that are able to use tickets/passes depends upon the amount of people online (or mother zombies being picked).
- MZ Passes/Tickets can be awarded from zombie challenges, crates, and the Battle Pass.

I thought of this idea bouncing thoughts back and forth with a couple of players online earlier today, trying to think of ways to keep new players in the game. I know personally the last thing I want is to be a mother zombie and most of the time its the excuse I use to take a break from the game if I get chosen. This idea is still open for suggestions and feedback, since this was just an idea I quickly came up with. No hard feelings if you were to totally disagree with it.

Slight Edit: I changed the name to "MZ Ticket" from 'MZ Token". Figured there were already enough tokens in the game, and wanted to switch it up.


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From what I’ve been told in the past and experienced, /mz was something that was thought about quite a bit on PM. The reason it never got implemented was because of the increase in reloggers. /mz is something that I personally would love to see in the game however, it’s objectively and fundamentally broken. Giving players access to the most overpowered class outside of its pre-defined rng system is something that can’t really be balanced even if there are safe guards put into play (This is because of certain people in the community ^-^). Also as Breeby said, If I remember correctly Jack has directly told some of us that new players are selectively removed from the mz choice pool.

Anyhoo, that’s all from me.
P.s. If you really want to play as mz this badly, getting to around 20k cookies basically “guarantees” you to be Mother Zombie every second round already (This is due to the “Anti Camping” system).


I think you should be able to buy a pass from the shop for 500 cookies if implemented, because the only reason I could see for someone to not want to be mz is either it is a good prestige round, which is hard to get with my luck, cause i’m always mz on the good maps. But yeah I wouldn’t mind if this got put in