New Idea for the Server (Classes)

Classes: Can be chosen once a player gets to prestige 1. Similar to infected xp, can be prestiged over time with perks gained every 10 levels or something? These classes will grant the following:

Warrior - Receive 1 extra cookie on kill, deal 0.25 extra damage. Prestiged for 0.5 damage

Paladin - Recieve a resuable Band-Aid that can be used once every 60 seconds. Heals a player for 1 heart and grants 1 cookie. Prestiged for 2 hearts and 2 cookies.

Pyromaniac - Starts each game with a fire grenade, if prestiged grants 2 grenades and fire immunity (from magma bear/blaze)

Diver - Recieves Depth Strider 1, strength 1 in water, and 2x cookies in water. Prestiged grants aqua affinity There will be some downside of getting out of water? Not sure though also might need somethings because very few maps have water

Berserker - Once per game, they are granted strength 1, speed 1, and resistance 1 for 10 seconds.
Prestiged grants strength 2, speed 2, resistance 2. This will be some item that can be used

Baker - Generates 1 bread every 2 minutes (3 hearts?) prestiged grants 1 bread every 1 minute 30 seconds

Bowspammer - Deal +15% damage with bow, and receive a bow at rank 5(or some other rank) with 3 arrows which will gradually increase sort of like marksman. Prestiged grants +25% damage with bow

Parkourist - Recieves feather falling? and x1.5 cookies in the lobby for completing the parkour. Prestiged grants x2 cookies

Adrenaline Junkie - Once per game when at 1 heart, will receive speed I strength I resistance I and 3/4 absorption hearts that will all last for 5 seconds. Prestiged grants speed II, strength II etc and maybe 1 or 2 extra absorption hearts?

Tank - Starts game with 10 1/2 hearts and receives -25% knockback Prestiged starts with 11 hearts and recieves -40% knockback.

Let me know what else I should add or your thoughts!