Night of The Supernatural EVENT + Classes


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Night of Supernatural Event + New Classes Idea
In this event games have a 10% chance to be “The Night of Supernatural”. The game will abruptly change to midnight and clear howling can be heard when the mother zombies are chosen. During the night, infected will have 10% more melee damage and there will be double XP for infected for 1 game.

Furthermore, during the night, survivors have a 10% chance to get a “Night Kill” for killing an infected. When you hit enough night kills you will be able to unlock the limited-edition classes.

Class 1: The Hellhound
A Hellish supernatural dog. They are the guardians of the gates of hell.
150 Night Kills

Special Abilities:
Burn: The Hellhound will have a 5% chance to spread fire to close survivors when killing a survivor

They will have full leather armor and a wooden sword.

Class 2: Medusa
Description: Medusa is beautiful, but when you gaze upon her, she will turn you stone.
Cost: 250 Night Kills

Special Abilities:
Petrifaction: Those who kill Medusa will gain slowness I for 5 seconds
Venom: Those who kill Medusa might (5%) get poisoned for 2 seconds by her venomous snakes.

Full leather but her helmet is chain. She will burry a cobblestone block with 3 attack damage.

Note: Skins are not made by me, i do not have the capability to create such skins because I'm untalented.

Furthermore there will be a Supernatural Bundle which gives you:
Armor Colours:
· Medusa Armor Color (Will gruadually change between white light gray, gray and black)

Kill messages:
<Person> sent <Person> to the underworld.
<Person> turned <Person> to stone.
<Person> saw a ghost
<Person> set flames to <person>
<person>’s power struck <person>

· Demon Cat

· The face stealer (will steal a person’s face when right clicking the person) you’ll be able to put it on in the lobby

· 10 Cookie Boosters
· 5 XP Booster
· 1 hour personal cookie booster
· Big eye arrow skin

Well I hope y'all like this idea bye
I really like it but hellhound sounds really weak as it only activates upon killing a survivor and even if I kill them it is a 5% chance to activate. For how long?
I also think medusa could have a stone gaze ability where right clicking your weapon while making eye contact with a survivor will give intense slowness for a few seconds.
Overall I really do love this idea.