Nightmare Rounds


Hey everybody, its been a while but we're back with a big update.

Nightmare rounds
Whenever a map is put up for voting, there is a small chance it will show up as a Nightmare round. If one of those maps are voted for, the game will have modifiers added to it. Some modifiers will buff Survivors while some modifiers will nerf Survivors. All nerfs provide bonus cookie gain. Using the buffs to devise a strategy to survive a Nightmare round will yield great profits.

Here's are examples of a buff & nerf:

(Buff) Blacksmith's Boost - Survivor's have their sword upgraded

(Nerf) Frail - Survivor's spawn with 2 less hearts
* Increases the amount of cookies you gain from the Time Survived Bonus by .05

Nightmare Package + Sale
To go with this update, we're adding a new package! The package costs $25, but we're also putting on a 20% off everything sale, so it should only be $20. The nightmare package will consist of the following:

  • 3 Cookie Boosters
  • 3 XP Boosters
  • 5 Nightmare Boosters
  • Surfing MVP Effect
  • Zombie Walk Emote
  • Dark Cookie Projectile Trail
  • Dark Cookie Arrow Skin
  • Nightmare Armor Color
  • Dark Cookie Survivor Effect

Nightmare Stats
Since Nightmare rounds change the game so much we've added separate nightmare stats. These can be viewed with /nightnmarestats (/nstats) and with /infectednightmarestats <class> (/instats <class>). All normal stats like kills, deaths, wins, losses, win streak, etc. are tracked as nightmare stats during nightmare rounds. Cookies, rank, prestige, prestige tokens, prestige perks, etc. are all global stats that are the same in and out of nightmare rounds.

Dark Cookies
There is a new type of currency you can earn during Nightmare rounds, Dark Cookies. These cookies are rarer to get than normal cookies. The amount you can get each round is capped and you can only get a few of them for doing specific things. Here are the ways to get dark cookies currently.
Dark Cookies can only be obtained during Nightmare rounds:
* First kill of the round (as Survivor) - 1 Dark Cookie
* Winning (as Survivor) - 5 Dark Cookies
* Winning (as Mother Zombie) - 2 Dark Cookies
* Playing entire Nightmare round - 1 Dark Cookie
* Dark Cookie Modifier - 5 Dark Cookies

Dark cookies currently have no use, but eventually they will be able to be spent on Nightmare perks in the Nightmare shop.

In addition to adding Nightmare boosters, which force the next lobbies maps to all be Nightmare rounds, we've given Nightmare boosters & Cookie boosters Mother Zombie immunity. This means that if you activate one of those boosters you cannot be Mother Zombie in the round it effects.

You'll be able to find info on nightmare rounds, nightmare stats, dark cookies and the nightmare shop in the Nightmare Man NPC. He is located behind spawn in the lobby.

We've also done some balance changes to Baby Zombie and Yeti. You can read about them in /changelog on the server.

Enjoy the update!