Nightmare Shop + Nightmare Perks


Hi everyone, today we are finally releasing the Nightmare Shop and 6 new Nightmare Modifiers!
This update could be considered a part 2 to the Nightmare Round update 2 weeks ago.
Let's jump right into it:

Nightmare Shop
The Nightmare Shop can be accessed by typing /nightmareshop (/nshop) or by talking to the Nightmare Man. The shop offers 4 different perks to unlock or upgrade and these perks change every 3 hours. Perks in the shop can be unlocked or upgraded with Dark Cookies. The first 3 slots are able to be purchased by everyone, but the 4th shop slot has a store package attached to it. The store package can be either VIP, VIP+, MVP, MVP+ or Nightmare Package. You can only purchase the 4th slot item if you have purchased the randomly selected package that is attached to it for that shop cycle.

Nightmare Perks
We've added 35 Nightmare Perks to the game. You can view your perks by typing /nightmareperks (/nperks) or by talking to the Nightmare Man. Each perk has a Rarity associated with it. The higher the Rarity of a perk, the less often it shows up in the shop, and the more Dark Cookies it costs. Most of the Nightmare Perks make Nightmare Rounds easier for you by making your buffs stronger or your nerfs weaker. However, the Legendary Perks give you buffs outside of Nightmare Rounds, and in this way, act like prestige perks.

New Nightmare Modifiers
  • New Nightmare Buffs
  1. Arctic Air - Every 5 seconds, all Infected gain Frost for 1 second.
  2. Double Strike - Survivors have a 20% chance to apply no invincibility frames on melee.
  3. Lucky Slots - Spin your Slot Machine and select 1 item to bank. When you bank the same item 3 times you get to keep it.
  • New Nightmare Nerfs
  1. Exploding Creepers - When an Infected dies, they leave behind a immovable primed creeper that deals 4 damage when it explodes.
  2. The End - When the Virus spreads, an Ender Dragon spawns and will harm all Survivors or blocks in its path. All Infected spawn with 1 Ender Pearl and an Ender Compass. All Infected gain +1 Ender Pearl every 10 seconds. Infected can hold a max of 2 Ender Pearls at once.
There are also some bugfixes for some Nightmare Modifiers. Use /changelog in-game for the full changelog.
We hope you enjoy the update.