President's Day Weekend Play-A-Thon


Hey everyone,

To celebrate the 3 day weekend and President's Day, we're going to be hosting our first Play-A-Thon!

If you're unfamiliar with how this works, we're going to track how much time you've played on the server over the 3 day weekend from 2/15 @ 12am EST to 2/18 @ 12am EST.

You have 72 hours to play as much as you can! At the end of the event, you'll be rewarded based on how much time you've played:
  • 24 hours - 3 hour personal triple cookie & infected xp booster and 1 reward token
  • 18 hours - 2 hour personal triple cookie booster and 1 reward token
  • 12 hours - 2 hour personal double cookie booster
  • 6 hours - 1 hour personal double cookie booster
  • 3 hours - 30 minute personal double cookie booster
The top 5 players with the most time played will receive a $10 off coupon at!

Good luck and have fun this weekend!
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Do u get the rewards when u play the certain amount of hours or do u get the reward to what time u got up 2