Prestige Perk Update


Hey guys, we just released our prestige perk update!
Here's the full changelog:

Added the Flash prestige perk
Added the Streaker prestige perk
Added the King Slayer prestige perk
Added the Sleight of Hand prestige perk
Added the Sweeping Edge prestige perk
Added the Delicious Brains prestige perk
Added the Beyond the Grave prestige perk
Removed the Fire Falling presitge perk
Changed Feather Falling from 4 tiers to 2 tiers
Reduced the total cost of reaching the max tier for Feather Falling to 4 tokens
Added 8 seconds of invisibility to final stand
Fixed a bug where Magma Bear's hibernation could be cancelled by other infected
Wither Skeleton now gains 1 arrow every 5 seconds and can hold a max of 2 arrows
Vampire now heals 50% more health with Fangs
Iron Golem Block Lobber cooldown was decreased to 5 seconds
Iron Golem Block Lobber ability no longer applies slowness to yourself on block pickup
Yeti can now move while using Blizzard
Yeti no longer has to be on the ground to use blizzard
Yeti now gives Slowness IV when it hits its blizzard
Increased Yeti's blizzard radius by 50%
Increased the amount of snowballs in Yeti's blizzard to 20
Fixed the parkour not rewarding hats

Hope you enjoy the update.


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New prestige perks for those who do not already know (and their price for the initial purchase and upgrade cost):

Sleight of Hand (4 prestige tokens for max perk)
Tier 1: Drink potions 20% faster. (2 prestige tokens)
Tier 2: Drink potions 40% faster. At a 25 scorestreak, your sword will be replaced by a diamond sword instead of it going to your nearest open inventory slot. (2 prestige tokens)

Kingslayer (2 prestige tokens)
Deal an extra 4% damage to full iron survivors for each additional full iron survivor within 15 blocks. Max 24%.

Sweeping Edge (6 prestige tokens for max perk)
Tier 1: 7.5% chance to deal 1 heart of damage to all infected within a 1.5 block radius (4 prestige tokens)
Tier 2: 10% chance to deal 1 heart of damage to all infected within a 2 block radius (2 prestige tokens)

Streaker (2 prestige tokens)
When you win a game, get +3 cookies for each win on your current win streak. Streaker cookies cap at +30 and are not affected by multipliers.

Flash (3 prestige tokens)
Teleport to a survivor of your choice. You cannot teleport if you've been attacked in the last 10 seconds. You can't teleport in the last 60 seconds of the game.

Delicious Brains (2 prestige tokens)
All brains heal for one additional heart

Beyond the Grave (1 prestige token)
Keep your infected scorestreak rewards after dying