Product's Proposed MCI Updates [v.1]



Artifacts would be items you would acquire through prestige tokens. They are very similar to prestige perks except for two differences:
1) They are very powerful
2) You can only equip one artifact per game

Why can I only have one per game?
Well, mostly because if someone could get all the artifacts, they would be insanely powerful. It is also a "prestige sink", as in that high levels players would spend a lot of prestige tokens on more artifacts, without technically getting more powerful (because you can only have 1 per game)

How much would each artifact cost?
I was thinking each artifact would cost 5 prestige tokens, because they are very powerful. The beauty of this is that you could make each artifact cost more than the next, such as the first artifact costing 5 prestige tokens, the next artifact costs 6, and so on.

Do you have any ideas of artifacts?
Yes, so far I have 3 ideas of artifacts

1) Paladin's Hammer (golden axe)
Similar to the OG firemind, the Paladin's hammer would be a weapon for survivors with a limited durability.

The Paladin's Hammer would be a golden axe that deals +5 attack damage and only has 20 durability. Each hit upon an infected would heal you and every other nearby survivor 1hp, and deal 1 aoe damage in a 5x5 area. Killing an infected with the Paladin's hammer will grant you Resistance I for 3 seconds. After 20 hits, the item breaks.

2) Redstone Rift (Redstone block)
The Redstone Rift would be sort of a 'time bomb/machine'. It would be a one time use item.

The Redstone Rift would teleport the player to where they were 20 seconds ago, and give them all the items they had in their inventory 20 seconds ago (Except the Redstone Rift). Their scorestreak would not go back in time. Essentially a 'get out of jail free card'.

3) Void Harness (Ender portal block)
The Void Harness would allow a player to give up most of their armor for strong buffs, for a limited time. The Void Harness is a one time use item.

The Void Harness would set the user to full leather armor and grant them +30% damage, speed II, and regen II. This effect lasts for only 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, the player would receive their armor back.

Prestige Perks:

Although some players believe that infected progression must come back because the infected are too weak, I feel as if prestige perks could remedy that. Another problem with infected progression is that infected are already strong against newer level players. A few prestige perks targeting higher level players could fix the situation.

1) Call to Arms
This Prestige Perk would cost 2 prestige tokens.
Call to Arms would be a perk that is powerful against large groups of survivors. It would give an infected +0.1 damage per survivor in an 8 block radius of them. (max of +1 damage).

2) Tactical Insertion
This prestige perk would cost 3 prestige tokens
Tactical Insertion is just what it sounds like. When your an infected, you can place a redstone torch on the ground, and when you die, you respawn at that redstone torch. Survivors can also break your tactical insertion.

3) Annihilator
This prestige perk costs 4 prestige tokens
Hitting a survivor who has full iron armor empowers your next hit for +10% damage.


The only thing I agree with is the 2nd perk you suggested other perks are different types of zpower and I don't like your idea of artefacts at all
Your first perk sounds like a way for an mz with zpower to now be hitting for 7 DMG which doesn't sound fun.
The first and last perks are like brejas said and are just a zpower but with too small a change for them to be different really.

As for artifacts, the first one was ok but I'd rather just have back firemind since the cost is heavy.
The Redstone rift can be overpowered and who make survivors too powerful. Imagine a tanker demolishing infected but is starting to be over taken and burn through their food reserves. They can just drop the bomb and be a healthier point or even they buy chests and open them right before using the bomb so they be stocked and ready to jump back into the fray. I get you suggested a 20 second window but that seems op.
-1 from me.
Some coolish ideas, I just see a lot of issues.
If Artifacts are these super powerful things (even if you can only have 1 per game) and cost multiple prestiges to get to, it creates a pretty big divide between players who have it and players who don't.
As for the artifact ideas you had,
1. Besides seeming OP to me, I think the idea could be salvaged by turning down the numbers
2. This seems like a horribly confusing item, especially for new players. You'd be getting into fights with commanders who teleported around and seemingly had infinite food. Time manipulation in a multiplayer game that wasn't designed around the mechanic is super dangerous.
3. Maybe salvageable? But I would make it so they stay with their leather armor. Once again, I worry about the confusion of new players with this, as people changing armor and stuff mid-game feels a bit odd to me but maybe it could work.

Prestige perks cannot remedy not having infected progression. The main reason I feel that infected progression is needed is so that new players have things they're working towards from the start, well before their first prestige.
If we're looking at the perks themselves:
1. So mz's just absolutely destroy leathers? We already have enough of that in game as is. Maybe it could be salvaged but it would need to not be a stat buff imo. Having it be something like gaining speed potion effects per the number of survivors around or something like that.
2. Honestly this idea seems the most interesting and usable of the 6 to me. It's not that OP, it gives infected a way to avoid boring running to the spots. The only thing that would be needed with it is some way for new players to know to break it, as there are decorations all over the maps already, and it could be hard to tell if it's a zombie insertion or just a part of the map.
3. This one seems unworkable to me. It's just giving infected more base damage in certain situations, seems a bit like situational zPower to me. I get that there could be some strategy in planning your hits to alternate between irons and leathers to get max damage, but when I'm in game things are a bit too chaotic for me to do those things I've found.

There are some good ideas here, some I don't quite agree with. Please do keep posting them, even if the feedback isn't universally positive! Getting discussion around this stuff is a great way to move the game forward :)