Q to Taunt

Would you like Q to Taunt to be implemented?

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    Votes: 14 82.4%
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A more convenient option to taunt fellow players(Whalebit)would be to make it so that when you press Q while holding your sword it activates the taunt - this will be significantly easier than the current menu / box system and will allow taunts to more effectively fulfil their purpose.

Having conducted market analysis I firmly believe there is sufficient demand for this suggestion to be implemented, and marketing studies suggest it could be monetised in the form of a perk for donors around the VIP and VIP+ level if necessary. I would personally suggest some form of time limitation to prevent excessive taunting (which will just get annoying).


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This is a great idea! Currently there's no use for the Q button when holding your sword, so for now this would make a perfect fit. Saves a ton of time than having to access your taunt box (which may not even be in your hot bar to start with), then manually selecting your taunt. Would definitely need to be some form of cool down perhaps though to stop excessive spamming.

I can imagine at some point in the near future they will be adding more taunts so there could be some confusing on how this would work? A quick fix would be to just enable a "favourites" feature within the taunt box, where you can select your favourite taunt, then using the Q button, your favourite taunt will be played. Obviously your favourite taunt could always be changed within the taunt box itself.


If used responsibly, yeah. but i feel like this will be as bad as the trapdoor meta, where people feel the need to do it just to annoy others
+100 on this idea (Unless firemind 2.0 ever comes back ;))
If there's a way you can turn off the taunt sound in setting I'll be for it. If not put a cool down on taunting. However I really am for a quick shortcut to taunting and this seems to be the way imo