Showing Infected


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Currently when your in a game on the Minecraft Infected server and you press tab it only shows your own gamertag and the survivors still standing and ive been in a couple instances where I'm not sure someone has joined midgame as you cant see them on the tab list, I just thought it might be a cool feature if to implement if it also came up with the infected names maybe in like a green font? Ive noticed when the server is busy with like 20 plus people and you press tab it feels like lots more are online as it gives a real perspective of each survivor as you can see them all individually rather than just a number and if your one of the last couple survivors alive and you pressed tab to see a screen full of infected supposedly after you to 'turn you into cookie batter' I just feel it would be a nice touch.


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I do like this idea however I feel as if making the infected names green would be too flashy and bold. To fix this, I'd say using a light grey for infected players would work better as it would remove importance showing that they are no longer a target. As well, implementing this change would only really work if what @YellowTehMinerz said was also brought into play along side this change (shows off the order of importance).


that would be neat but at the same time make tab slightly crazier. if it is possible to implement columns for roles like on some other servers it would be cool. also how about infected visiion