Tug of War 2.0


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Alright, I did this on the old forums and it turned out to be much more popular than I expected, so I am reviving the game.

  1. There will be two teams.
  2. All team members can play at any time, the only exception being that once you have taken your turn, you need to wait for 2 other members of your team to take a turn before you can play again.
  3. If 5 unique players on the other team have taken a turn without another player taking a turn on your team, you make take another turn.
  4. Each team will start at 0.
  5. Each play done by a team member will "tug" the rope in their favor by a score of 1, and reducing the score of the other team by 1 (unless the other team is at 0, then it will remain at 0).
  6. Whichever team hits 21 first wins!
  7. Because Curses & Buffs (see below) need an impartial mediator, I will not be participating in these games, but instead act as a judge in overseeing the game, as well as dishing these out at my discretion.
Example of gameplay:
Staff Member: Tug! 1-0
Community Member: Tug! 0-1
2nd Community Member: Tug! 0-2
2nd Staff Member: Tug! 1-1
And so on.....
This first time around, I will be dividing teams by staff members and non-staff members, to keep it simple. Builders are not staff members.

Because tugging back and forth forever can be a real drag, especially if we reach a sort of stalemate, or if one team gangs up on the other, I am introducing Curses & Buffs!
What are Curses & Buffs?: It's in the name. Curses give bad effects to either yourself, or your team, while the Buffs give good effects to either yourself, or your team.
How do I get a Curse or a Buff?: I'll be acting as a mediator throughout the games, meaning I will not be participating for either team. I have set up a rather complicated RNG system using DnD dice that I have, but essentially, each team has a randomly set value range each turn they take, with each Buff and Curse having a set value. If the values line up in the proper way, congratulations! You're cursed or buffed! (I'm also including a percentage system to introduce randomness as best as I can, it's complicated but bear with me here) I have the values set so that a generated value range may include both a curse and a buff. If that happens, then you and/or your team will be awarded neither the curse nor the buff (1 buff offsets 1 curse). I'll try to draw up a graph at some point with how this system works at some point. The values of the Curses and Buffs, however, will change every time they occur, as well as between matches.
How often will we see Curses & Buffs?: Each Active Buff and Active Curse can be activated an infinite amount of times during 1 match of Tug of War.
What makes a Buff or a Curse "Active"?: During each match of Tug of War, there will be 3 active Buffs and 3 active Curses. What this means is that from my lovely list of Buffs and Curses that I've drawn up with a few friends, there will only be a possibility of a set 3 of each being activated during a match. Every Curse and every Buff has a chance of becoming an active Curse or Buff until 3 of each have been activated at least once. From that point on, only those 3 Curses and those 3 Buffs have a chance of being activated again.
How do I know if I or my team have a Curse or a Buff?: I will keep track of them on this original post, so be sure to refer here often!
Active Buffs:
1.Shared Strength

Active Curses:
1.Slippery Soles

List of Buffs:
Shared Strength:
Your teammates have a 100% chance to tug for double strength on the next X (1-3, randomly selected) tugs, however, you tug normally.

List of Curses:
Slippery Soles:
The next X (1-4, randomly selected) tugs have a 75% chance of also awarding a point to the other team.
With all of that said and out of the way, let the games begin!
Staff Team Buffs:
Shared Strength:
Your teammates have a 100% chance to tug for double strength on the next 3 turns, however, you tug normally.
Staff Team Curses: N/A
Community Team Buffs: N/A
Community Team Curses: N/A

Current Score: Staff Team 1, Community Team 12 (12:41 AM PST, April 8th).
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Smart i dont get this game.. is the community involved or do we just watch??
If you reply to the thread and say tug, you put in a tug. Its staff vs everyone else, and everyone is allowed in. So if I say Tug, it counts a point for staff team. That being said, since two other members have messaged, I can have my turn again.



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Currently 2-0 to the community. However, due to my lovely number system which is beyond mortal comprehension, the community side has given themselves a CURSE!
The other team does not play nice, and have greased the soles of your shoes! The next 2 tugs by your team have a 75% chance of also awarding a point to the other team.


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Well, the community is destroying the staff. @Uncle_Devo's tug triggered Slippery Soles, however, since then, the community has brought their lead to 7-0. No buffs or curses have been triggered since Slippery Soles (I hate RNG sometimes).