We raised $16,024 for Black Lives Matter Charities last weekend!


Over the weekend we held a fundraiser for various BLM related causes. Together, we raised $3,076!

We promised to contribute 150% to charity, so the total is $4,614!

However, I actually was able to pull some strings and reached out to some people who will match our donation many times over, allowing us to donate a total of $16,024!

None of this could have happened without you guys, so I'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished as a community. We even held a protest with 55 people online yesterday! When we come together, we can do anything.

This money will go a long way. We'll be donating it to six charities (I'll have more details on those later) and I hope to make these donations by the end of the week.

Black Lives Matter. Let's not stop here. Let's keep doing as much as we can to make real change, defeat racism, and make the world a better place.