What Direction Should the Game Take?

Discussion in 'Minecraft Infected Discussion' started by Aj ツ, Apr 2, 2020.

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    split into two posts because character limit
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    Maybe firemind would be toxic, but a less powerful version of surge would be very helpful rn. Maybe if after u killed an infected, you strength one for 3 seconds. At the moment, it is really hard to kill infected in large groups so a perk to help kill hordes would be very nice lol
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    Okay so I wrote this up the other day in a conversation I was having about the game, and was planning on editing it to post it here, but I don't have the time so I'm just going to post it as-is.

    TL;DR at the bottom

    My thoughts on it are:
    -I agree the old maps are unbalanced and un-fun. I would be very interested to see the analytics on overall win% and map win%
    -I think there was some back and forth on whether hiding or tanking is worse for new players, and I think that exposes a fundamental flaw of the gamemode.
    Both really suck for new players. In a hiding meta, new players join, see nobody because they don't have an understanding of the maps and where the hiding spots are, and then leave. In a tanking meta, they are killed 10s of times before killing a commander, which makes the game feel unfair, and they leave.

    My proposed solution to that fundamental flaw would be to implement a very robust infected progression system, so new players still feel they're accomplishing something while they get rekt by commanders waiting outside spawn. This would need them to be able to unlock kits for free, which the lack of I think is the largest flaw in the server right now. While there can be a huge back and forth about whether or not tanking or hiding should be the focus of the game, I think the problem can be bypassed by doing something else. A huge revamp to the prestige shop would eliminate this all together. I've talked about this before and I know you have heard some of it, but right now there is 1 support Prestige perk, and the rest are all very heavily combat focused, with the main focus being on tanking.

    While some of these have been nerfed to hell, that doesn't change the fact that there isn't really much of an option. I would propose a prestige shop with a lot of different directions to take your survivor.

    Movement where you focused on dodging/running from zombies and not getting cornered.

    Support, where you could give boosts to your teammates and focus more on debuffing infected than damage.

    Tanking, where you were focused on being able to stay in combat for as long as possible. And more perks like marksman that more solidly defined your role in the map/game.

    Bringing the game into a more customization focused development, I feel, would do the game a lot of good. I don’t think you can really have a game where you just level up and get small stat bonuses with no choices in playstyle change anymore. Maybe in 2012, but in 2020 people want the ability to tailor their game experience.

    In my head, the ideal system would actually be a skill tree found in traditional RPGs, specing into different styles of play with unlocks being gated behind progression, but I do understand that this would be a huge shift for MCI players, and probably isn’t a good idea given how much people dislike change.

    As for commander tax and commander camping punishment, I feel like once again this problem can be solved by changing something else, namely giving people an actual reason to prestige. To be honest, the current prestige shop is laughable in terms of what it offers, and I feel that causes many people to stay at commander for a longer time than if they had actual goals to move towards. I do believe that commander shouldn’t be a rank that people stay at for very long. You should get a brief power spike, and then start again with something cool that changes your play experience. With so many commanders in the game, playing as infected is a terrible experience. Forcing the people who stay at commander to have an actual downside by missing out of very valuable and most importantly fun prestige perks would cause so much less commanders to be in game at one time, and drastically improve infected QoL

    As for proposed prestige perks and changes, I wholeheartedly agree, but only if they’re within a revamped system. Adding cleave today won’t change the game, the pshop will still be ass and maybe the top 20 players on the server will see a minor improvement, but for most it’ll be no different. To be honest, the gamemode could use a lot of work, and with the current rate of content roleout, I feel the devs are missing out on some of the gamemode's potential

    -Maps need to be balanced based on analytics, certain maps are heavily unbalanced.
    -Tanking vs. Hiding isn’t the issue, it’s that new players have a shit time
    -To improve that shit experience, there NEEDS to be meaningful infected progression, including unlocking kits for free with not that much investment (Play for 3 days, get the first kit, so they see the direction they can go)
    -No changes to prestige perks will fix the game, the pshop needs a total overhaul, with the ability to take your survivor into many different ways of playing the game, other than just “I do more damage” “I take less damage”
    -The current state of games in general does not support a game where for 95% of it you have no control over the progression of your character. There needs to be more customization before you hit 1st prestige
    -Commander tax/camping punishment concerns would go away with a good Pshop
    -A faster content roleout cycle is drastically needed, especially if it caters to non-donors
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