What is the meaning of your Minecraft username?


Well, lets see, Mocha for my love of Cafe mochas (coffee, chocolate and whip cream) - to die for! and raven because I like horror movies and such. The raven is a messenger and Edgar Allen Poe's most famous works, 'The Raven'. It is the one and only name I have ever had playing minecraft and any towny servers I play I always have a medieval town called Ravenstone.

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Well, lets see, Mocha for my love of Cafe mochas (coffee, chocolate and whip cream) - to die for! and raven because I like horror movies and such. The raven is a messenger and Edgar Allen Poe's most famous works, 'The Raven'. It is the one and only name I have ever had playing minecraft and any towny servers I play I always have a medieval town called Ravenstone.
Yeah ravens are pretty cool It took me 3 tries to get this to work bc phones suck man


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My old name was pretty obvious.
JoshBarnett94: First name, last name, and year of birth.

As for BritishBear. If anyone back on PM/SG remembers that absolute mad lad called jww910, or more recently WubWubMeow. I told him I wanted to change it when name changes became a thing, having no clue what to change it to, I asked him for help. He asked me a few things like what I like or anything I had in mind but I was completely clueless. So he looked at my skin, having always been the same bear skin, and my nationality, which is obviously British. He put 2 and 2 together to create BritishBear!


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So I started out as Furiosus_ (thanks @Agent40 for being the only one to recognize its not Furious). The story behind that one is that I used to play cracked minecraft with friends on private servers where I used the name Lunatic. I Google translated it from a Dutch word that described my 'role' that I had on our kingdom server. Lunatic was obviously taken already when I purchased my actual account so I had to come up with something new. It was my first year going to the big school (age 12) where I was being thought Latin. Cool me threw Lunatic in Google translate (again yes) but now translated it to Latin and got Furiosus that way. It was also taken but I liked it so much that I tucked an underscore behind it and took it.
Buitenspelen, a lot later when I played factions with a lot of Dutch people I wanted to change my name to an 'og name' because we didn't want numbers or symbols in our names. We went for Dutch words and I found Buitenspelen (playing outside). I went with Buitenspelen for a long time but the amount of Dutch people that thought they were funny and were messaging me that I wasn't outside got to the point where it happened every ducking day.
Then I found Irum. I was done with Buitenspelen, went on nameMC and just typed in 4 letters that sounded cool to me, was hooked on Irum. On most other games Irum is taken so I'm IrumYum, because it sounded funny to me.
This post turned out a bit longer than I anticipated but you asked for it =P


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Older Names: CharliehasBudder - SkyDoesMinecraft was the first Minecraft YouTuber I started watching way back in 2010/11, and he's the one that got me hooked on the game, so I just figured that I would make my first name include something about him. I still remember playing Hunger Games on his server that he used to run before it shut down. Charlie because my first name is Charles IRL.

CharlieIsJack - Again, my first name is Charles, but I grew up going by Jack all the way through to the end of middle school, so it kind of encompasses both my names, as I started going by Charles in high school, and that's what I go by now. (Why I went by Jack is a big, complicated family dispute, but the short version is my middle name being Jackson is what settled it).

UselessKnowledge - This one actually is a bit of a 3-parter. The first part is simple: It's kind of an oxymoron, and I thought it sounded cool like that.
The second part is that this is actually a callback to one of my favorite strips in Calvin & Hobbes (Here is a link to the strip), a comic I grew up reading when my dad gave me some of his books since I loved and still love reading so much. 3 of those books were really thick volumes that contained every Calvin & Hobbes strip ever published. RIP Bill Watterson (author of the comic), you are a legend.
The third part is a bit of a reference to myself, because I related to this comic a lot when I was younger. I was really, really not good at making friends (like Calvin), had a lot of social anxiety (still do, just not as bad), and so I would literally go up to random kids at my old Catholic school in 1st and 2nd grade and say the most random thing to try to talk to them. My clearest, fondest, and cringiest memory all at once of this, was, in the same conversation with no interruption, telling 2 kids in my class everything I knew about black holes from an old science book I had read, and immediately finishing it with "by the way, my dog died a couple months ago" (I was a weird kid). So in a way, it was "useless knowledge" to me because I was a 2nd grader and it didn't help me accomplish the goal of making friends. Quite the opposite in fact, they thought I was really weird from then on, rightly so. In hindsight, I still laugh at this.

ImWithSmart: I wanted ImWithStupid, it was taken, so I decided upon the next name that made the most logical leap from ImWithStupid (Plus I figured people would hate saying the whole name, and would just end up calling me "smart", which I have to say worked beautifully).


IcyBlack, Baby_IcyBlack, IcyRush, IcyMix, (UrJustSalty= I got hacked) Then IcyMixed.. At first I just liked the word ICE then that was the name I was known for so I never changed it. P.S. Baby_IcyBlack was because on 2.0 there was a trend of baby skins of themselves then IcyMix to IcyMixed was first form to final form. Idk think about it as Super saiyan to super saiyan 2 xD.


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I've been playing infected for nine years now, from MW3 to Minecraft, and it's a mini-game i enjoy to play. So i chose it as username.
(Infecté is "infected" translation in french)
My first name was jayden1player, kind of obvious, I never actually played any video games and my first video game was minecraft. My mom was helping me choose a username, I remember saying something along the lines of "I wanna be so good at this game!" and my mom just laughed and said, "How about being #1? Jayden #1 player!". I giggled and agreed. (I was around I dunno 6-7?)
Although that name didn't stick with me for long, I came up with the name "prestige_vader". During around 2015-2016 I was a very good friend of an old mod you might remember, Garth_Vadar. I always played with him whenever I got the chance to play, one day he recommended the name prestige_vader because I was a higher prestige than he was and he wanted me to match him. I thought it was an amazing idea so I changed my username. I stuck with this name for 3 whole years..! Slowly he stopped going online and I never knew why. If your out there Garth, I want to say I miss you! :D


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Well pretty simple I had pbeeby because my dad made my account way back and p is the first letter in his name and beeby is my last name I changed it to BrainyBeeby because im so smart. For SweetyBeeby I think I was in ts one day and jakaboy or someone said there was a spanish youtuber on the server with a name like sweety or something so I just added that to Beeby. Lastly I chose DuoTheOwl because duolingo is pretty neat