Corrupt-A-Wish Forum Game


1. Person A makes a wish.
2. Person B grants the wish but with a catch.
3. Person B makes a wish.
4. Repeat steps.


Person A: I wish for a hamburger.
Person B: Granted but the hamburger falls apart the second you pick it up.

I wish for world peace.


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Your wish is granted but the chocolate replaces your blood and becomes the catalyst for all living things. Your souls is struck down and devoured by the overbearing destructive nature of the chocolate and you become one with the chocolate.

I wish for Life
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Granted, but its neverending spaghetti and for all of eternity u are eating that one strand of spaghetti. I wish for better internet


Granted, except it's heavily censored except for a single Chinese search engine.
I wish for an owl riding a skateboard


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@Paradoxi teleports in front of you and dies. His final words were "why have you done this to me."

I wish for everyone who is experiencing depression to find ways to cope and help themselves.


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Wish granted, but everything you’ve worked on is deleted and this website no longer exists. You have no proof that you’re a dev anymore.

I wish for luck


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Your wish was granted, but it was because they added an update to add diamonds into the game. You obtained 100 diamonds but each one weighed so much it slowed down your character to the point where you were a snail attempting to escape your own spawn. You were reported by every teammate you had for throwing. The reports kept stacking up and your account was banned from ranked.

I wish for the Dodgers to win the World Series this coming year.

Aj ツ

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Wish granted, but its at the cost of your star pitcher and batter getting severe non-contact injuries, destroying team morale and plunging them into eternal doom and despair for years to come.

I wish for an Audi R8, Black.